Tuesday 12 July 2011

tiny happy home

page 3, originally uploaded by tiny happy.
melissa just put this scan of an article written about her fabulous home (and self) on flickr and lookee there! the two oobees i made for a trade with her all those years ago, looking oh so happy in their space : ) i love all of melissa's work so much, especially the cross stitch patterns and linocuts she has been doing lately, such a distinct and lovely style, she has. i think mae might almost be old enough to play with the two dolls melissa made for her... maybe. i just can't bear to see them get mussed up and dirty, even though that is what dolls are for.


  1. aw i love that they are in a happy home. isn't it just the best to see where your creations live?
    have a great week leslie!

  2. I always think that is the best feeling, seeing your work loved & enjoyed by others. How fun :)

  3. thank you, leslie! pretty honoured to be on your blog. :) the kids still adore their oobees and i was most excited to see that the magazine used that photo.


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