Saturday 2 July 2011

a little shopping makes everything better.

aw, thanks, guys. i know i'm not alone in the sleep deprivation department, it seems to be part and parcel of parenting, but it's still nice to hear from others who are in the same place as me (or have been there and survived). both kids actually slept through on thursday and i got to sleep in this morning until 8am after getting up for soph at 4:30am so i'm feeling a bit more sane. the only good side to all the sleep disruption has been that both kids are super tired and very eager to go to bed early, which leaves me a couple of hours of sewing (coincidentally, i seem to be less tired in the evening than during the day).

i've been so good about not buying fabric so far this year, i really have a sizable stash to get through and have been trying not too add to it unless there is a price too good to pass up. i've stopped visiting fabric stores, except for the odd jaunt into spotlight for thread since it's right beside the supermarket (a little too handy, really). so when we had to drive my husband's new work truck over to his workshop on the other side of town today to pick up his old car and darn cheap fabrics was right around the corner, i felt justified in popping in for a solo visit.

new fabric

new fabric

and, of course, they have an amazing array of lecien (including the rosalie quinlan prints that i have wanted for SO LONG!!) and hokkoh prints in stock right now at the ridiculous price of $7.50 per meter, which is cheaper than i could even find it for online. it was so hard to be restrained, i really wanted to bring home three or four meters of every print to use for binding and backings but made myself just get a meter or half (let's not even talk about the ones i decided to leave behind). there was also an awesome range of linen and linen/cotton, i limited myself to a couple of meters of 100% linen in a natural colour. each of these will be finding it's new home on the shelves below : )

sewing room


  1. Fabric shopping makes everything better. Don't beat yourself up ;)

  2. The good exchange rate has helped/prompted a lot of my fabric purchases this year. I've been meaning to visit Darn Cheap fabrics but haven't got around to it yet. I'll definitely have to go now.

  3. Glad you got some sleep. I can understand what its like to live in not much!

    You have quite a nice fabric stash there!

  4. Completely understand why it was essential to buy these ... enjoy!


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