Friday 24 June 2011

shop news

today's efforts
sample for my new tin roof quilt pattern, to be released july 15th. 

the first of the month in fast approaching and i realise that i have a lot of things in the works and pretty much nothing finished for the scheduled shop update! this sort of works out okay with our august travel plans though - i've decided to move july's update to july 15th and the shop will remain open until august 1st, at which point it will be closed until the next shop update on october 1st. it's a long time in between, i know, but i'll need september to make new stock both for online and a couple of spring markets. so july 15th, october 1st, november 1st, december 1st, that is the plan.

and another bit of shop news is that starting october 1st, i'll be offering custom orders once again. instead of a roster/waiting list as before, there will be a few custom order listings in every shop update (oobees, fleurs, baby blankets, the odd quilt, whatever i think i can handle in the upcoming month) and whoever snaps them up first, gets their order. i think this will work out quite well and i'm pretty excited to do some collaborations again, it's good to break out of my comfort zone and work with someone else's colours once and awhile.

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  1. The custom order system sounds like a great idea. I do the occasional custom order and sometimes find it hard to manage the flow of work. And I know exactly what you mean about working with someone else's colours etc....I'm currently working on a quilt which has a huge range of very bright colours -none of the fabrics are from my original suggested selection. It has been quite scary but is actually growing on me now that its almost finished and the customer is delighted. Juliex


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