Wednesday 8 June 2011

random bits

winter wear
winter wear for my sophie girl. new granny knit cardy from the op shop down the road and super cute skeanie boots that are just a wee bit big yet.

a lovely giveaway win from allison at lark. brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.

trying to get a photo of mae in her new, made-by-me, jacket with my old camera is near impossible. this would have been a super cute shot had my teeny tiny lens been able to capture it.  borrowing a friend's camera tomorrow so will try to get it then.


  1. Love the granny cardi, perfect colour. And thanks for reminding me as my eldest had those boots so I should find them ready for daughter #2.
    Mae's jacket looks gorgeous, blurry or not. :)

  2. Is Mollie Makes good? I tried to download it to my ipad last night on Zinio but didn't in the end. The cover is certainly cute. Do you like it?

  3. i thought it was really good, sort of like browsing through a stream of great blogs on paper. lots of eye candy, good photography, lovely matte paper. yep, i like it.

  4. The coat looks fabulous!

  5. Just stumbled upon your blog while looking for leaf printing ideas...Love the inspiration! I have dabbled in the past but your lovely prints have gotten my creative juices flowing again!


  6. I love the colour of that knit. It's gorgeous! What a way to brighten up a winters day.


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