Wednesday 22 June 2011

new new quilt labels

new new quilt labels : )

so i finally gave in and ordered a stamp for my quilt labels. the inkjet was already looking a bit faded after one wash (i always wash and dry my quilts before selling them so i can see the cushy wrinkle factor) and i just wasn't prepared to let them go out into the world when i didn't know how they would fare. i know a few of you suggested a stamp to me and i don't know why i was so hesitant, for some reason i thought i wouldn't get a nice crisp, dark image but i was so, so wrong. yes, the design is supposed to have dashed lines, there was some problem in converting the illustrator file i sent in and they are sending me a new one but i actually don't mind the look of this one and was happy to have it to redo the label on no.036 before i sent if off to it's new home in the UK last week. i ordered my stamp ofrom here and got a crafter's fabric stamp pad from here.

spoonflower labels

and i also ordered a fat quarter of linen/cotton fabric with my labels on it from spoonflower, just to see if it would work. the print quality is actually better than i expected so i will use these, too, i think but i think the stamp wins out for me because i can use it on different coloured fabric to go with each quilt.

either way, i have a whole lot of labels to get through now, just need more time to actually finish a few...

hey, speaking of spoonflower, has anyone bought anything printed on their quilting cotton before? i ordered a swatch pack and thought the quilting cotton felt really thin and was quite an open weave but i know a lot of people are using it... does it feel alright once it's been printed on, washed, etc?


  1. I still haven't answered this one for myself properly. Interested to hear what people think.

  2. Duuuude. Nice labels! x

  3. Anonymous3:56 pm

    I really don't like Spoonflower's quilter's cotton. It feels like a low threadcount bedsheet to me. I purchased some with Heather Ross designs and was horrified by the feel after being spoiled by how buttery smooth her fabrics usually feel. NOT impressed. I think it'll be okay if I back it with interfacing or something-- but I'm hesitant to ever buy it again.

  4. Hi!

    I love your labels. I use Spoonflower for all my dolls & actually love it. It's not the highest quality and sometimes they switch the fabrics up without letting you know - some are heavier or not as bright white. My dolls are here - if you want to see quality!


  5. elliott365, that's pretty much what i thought, too. it's a shame because i thought i'd heard they were printing on kona cotton when they started out, which i would be thrilled to print on.

    jen, your dolls are so, so gorgeous!! do you really print them on the quilting cotton?? i'm a bit surprised that it is durable enough for dolls but you obviously have tons of experience with it so it must work.

    thanks for the feedback and keep it coming!

  6. Anonymous7:29 am

    Kona would be fabulous!! I really hope their quality improves because I love the concept of Spoonflower through and through.

    xo, Rebecka


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