Saturday 4 June 2011


onion flower

i dropped my camera on thursday and, while the lens and mirrors all survived intact, much to my horror and dismay it will not even turn on. so it's off for repairs now and i had to dig out my first digital nikon from, like, 2001 or something. i still use it now and again as i have a great little macro lens for it and when i charged it up i discovered some macros of an onion flower sitting on the card. so that a very, very, VERY thin silver lining on the broken camera cloud.
star sandwich
we made star shaped honey sandwiches on friday to cheer me up.

and i'm mucking around with a quilt pattern, of all things. a quilt pattern written by someone who has actually never made a quilt from a pattern... i'm actually enjoying a bit of precise piecing for a change.


  1. hope you get your camera back soon! beautiful onion flower!


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