Wednesday 18 May 2011

random carrots

purple carrots

dyed with purple carrots

oh man, i am tired. tired, tired, tired. mae has been getting up around 6am the last five or six days and today it was 5:18am when i heard the "MOM" call. that is just too early. waaaaaaaaay too early. evidence of my exhaustion is mounting, including sewing through my pinky finger last night in my attempts to finish quilt no.035 and breaking my very last in a set of cute vintage pyrex dishes this morning. boo. i've never done the "sew through the finger" thing before and have actually vocalised my bewilderment that it can be done. now i know it is actually quite easy: simply haul a quilt through your walking foot with both hands on one side and let that little pinky stray just a bit too close*. next thing you know, your husband is pulling half a broken sewing needle out of your finger and you're feel all fainty.

anyway, the random carrots are a heirloom variety i picked up at footscray market and chucked into a dye pot with some salt as a mordant (just a guess). the carrots let out an amazing amount of colour so i'm a bit disappointed that the fabric came out so light after a good 24 hour soak and a bit of simmering. something else to be played with further, methinks.

okay, now off to finish the quilt that was abandoned last night and then i will collapse into bed. wish me intact fingers, please.

*ahem. there also may have been two glasses of red wine consumed prior to the incident. but i'm still blaming the kid and her early rising.


  1. I didn't have any early risers or vino to blame when I sliced off the side of my index finger with the rotary cutter.


  2. and sis you end up with carrot soup?

  3. redmag1:43 pm

    I can't believe you found those carrots at the Footscray market - i gave up going there midway through last year because everything (cept the asian greens) was always a bit old...I am totally going to have to check it out again..

  4. ah yes ye old machine your finger trick.... I am clever at that trick.. mind you, you only need do it once and the lesson is well and truely learnt!
    I actually love that lilacy colour... team it with some mustard coloured fabric and yummo!


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