Tuesday 31 May 2011

back to it


yellow + grey


no.037 in progress

such a great weekend spent in lancefield with an amazing group of ultra talented and brilliant ladies. as usual there was way too much good food, great conversation, fun tunes and more inspiration than i can even process (this acquired desire for a knitting machine? it must go away). i got quite a bit done but nothing actually finished - everything needs buttons or snaps or hemming or elastic or, in the case of the new quilt block above, piecing, basting, quilting and binding. i'll post pics as i get things done, i am pretty in love with this quilt i am working on, let me tell you.

and thanks for the shop sale love! everything should have been emailed and i sent the last of the packages out today. and tomorrow is june 1st so time for new goods to be added...


three quilts ready to go to new homes, hitting the shop at 8pm tomorrow, melbourne time, long may they keep their new owners cozy and warm.


  1. sounds like an awesome weekend! I'm really loving your use of natural dyed fabric at the moment - gorgeous!

  2. I still haven't unpacked, but I have got the knitting machine working!
    Was lovely to see your amazing fabrics in real life.

  3. What an awesome weekend! Amazing fabrics!

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  4. Considering your weekends to be awesome...how much more during holidays :)


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