Thursday 21 April 2011


thanks for your encouraging comments on my last post, it's nice to hear from people who have flown alone with kids and lived to tell the tale : )  the trip is all go, tickets are booked and in my freakish nature, i'm already making lists of what to bring for carry on and scouting out a little wheeling bag for mae. and i have already ordered her a new kids digital camera for her third birthday since we are actually flying out on that very day (but will celebrate it the weekend before). she digs the little tikes camera that i found at the op shop but it has the quirky habit of turning itself off at random times (probably why it was at the op shop in the first place) so i thought a new camera would be a fitting travel gift. the poppy doll {lotta} that i was planning to give her (and still need to make clothes for) will have to be put off until christmas, i think. i'd like mae to have time to bond with her and would be heartbroken if she got lost in transit.

and i seem to have done an aboutface on mae's new quilt as well... the pink/linen/neutral pieces i was working with just weren't sitting well for me. well, actually they just weren't sitting well for me for mae, specifically. it just seemed a bit too sophisticated a colour scheme for a not-quite-three year old, you know?


so i dug out the bag of scraps that i had put aside for a quilt for her last year (and then abandoned along with 6,000,000 other projects due to pregnancy lethargy) and started piecing, just to see...

quilt top

yes. much better. the only thing bugging me about this one is that it is going to be so similar to her pram quilt and i would have liked to do something new but, really, it will suit her to a tea. and i am so looking forward to hearing her point out all the little animals and character hidden in the scraps : )


  1. such a delicate looking quilt top, those colours make the inner little girl inside me smile with glee!
    actually even me at a woman smiles with glee hehe, adorable.
    x Courtney

  2. Love your colour combos and piecing, can't wait to see it all finished - no hurry :)

  3. oh i like the quilt it's cute. the other one was pretty too, but i can see what you mean about being a bit old for her.

    i'm so glad you posted that link for the camera, we're planning on buying matilda one too and i'd been looking at that one somewhere else for almost double the price! do you know anything about the fisher price one, that's what i'm deciding between

  4. I'm sure you will be fine on the plane - and even if it gets a bit crazy at times, at least it's only for a day each way. I loved this post about travelling with kids, and I wrote down a few things about what I packed for long haul travelling with Ali last year here. Good luck! I'm sure it will be a great holiday.


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