Friday 29 April 2011

the quilting bug has bitten again. hard.

mae's quilt top

mae's quilt top

mae's quilt top is finished, not without much unpicking and indecision and guesswork. i decided to shake up the basic freeform patchwork by creating rivers of natural linen on each end, randomly adding linen pieces to make the design work. a new technique for me and one that was not without many second guesses. i'm happy with the end result, even if it is a little bigger than i had planned which makes my least favourite task of basting even less appealing, and i'm looking forward to pushing this design further with subsequent quilts. i now have four quilt tops ready to be basted and quilted (i also pulled together a little baby quilt in the last couple of weeks but haven't photographed it yet).

still planning for my shop update this sunday, may 1 and since i have decided to make the leap over to bigcartel, i'm looking forward to revealing my NEW shop! still working towards releasing my baby oobee sleepy set pattern, too. almost done...

baby oobee sleepy set


  1. love mae's quilt - the linen is the perfect balance for the pink. can't wait to see the end result! x

  2. The quilt is absolutely beautiful!


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