Thursday 24 March 2011

go get 'em

the shop update is now live! i had a ball picking fabrics for this batch of oobees. i'm really trying to get through my stash this year and it felt great to stop hoarding some of my favourites and put them to use in these colourful characters. there are also a bunch of special edition oobee bunnies, with long gorgeous ears, available just in time for easter next month. yippee!!

and i've changed my shop currency to australian dollars and since our dollar is so high right now, the price shown in US dollars has gone up a little bit. to see the prices in aussie dollars, click on the currency settings on the very bottom, left hand side of the etsy page, it's in blue and is set to $ United States Dollar by default but you can change it to pretty much whatever currency you would like. this doesn't affect payment at all, the price is still converted by etsy into US dollars at checkout so payment is as per usual, but having my prices set in aussie dollars means i don't have to keep adjusting my shop as our dollar rises and falls. whew.





  1. That velvety blue Oobee is just TOO much! (Coming over all childhood/snuggly toy obsessed regressed over here)...

  2. Ooohh! They're so beautiful! I love the fabrics you have used :)

  3. Oh my sainted aunt, that black and white print one is freaking UNREAL! Love it!


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