Wednesday 23 February 2011




double yum



 i know the month isn't over yet but oh my god, it has gone quickly. i think monthly round ups are going to be the norm around here for awhile yet. i thought things would get easier with two kids as the baby got older but instead i find myself literally busier than ever. with sophie crawling all over the place, growing teeth (two bottom fronties so far), drooling constantly, moving to two naps a day, standing and making tentative steps towards cruising the furniture and mae being generally rambunctious, wanting to do everything "hewsewf" and dropping her daytime nap, i barely have time to sit down for five minutes in the day. mae dropping her nap is a mixed relief. yes, it was awesome to have two hours of peace in the day but as sophie moved to two naps, it meant that she slept from 9:30am until 11am, mae slept from 11am until 1pm and then soph slept again from 1:30pm until 3pm, making it pretty damn hard to get out of the house. plus mae was then staying up until 9pm, chatting and singing away to herself, waking sophie up which resulted in hectic evenings and a very, very cranky me. without her daytime nap, she falls straight asleep at 7pm, as she should, and we can all have peaceful evenings again (admittedly, the days are a bit harder now as she gets used to being up all day but whatevs, i need my evenings).

i have been doing very little on the creative front. i've started a wee vintage basket of linen scraps to hand sew together for those very brief moments when i might actually sit down during the day (started it a week ago and have sew approximately 8 cm of fabric together. yep.) (and YES, hand sewing. this is what my kids have driven me to) and i'm trying to get a couple more chairs varnished and my stool done before my sister and her husband arrive in two days. thank god tomorrow is thursday (otherwise known as childcare day or the bestdayoftheweek).


  1. Leslie your girls are gorgeous!
    I must say Sophie is making that puzzle look delicious. Too cute!
    Enjoy the new routine of no nap. Things became easier in this household once the naps were out the window!

  2. Anne Newton4:32 am

    CUTE! CUTE! CUTE! I'm sitting here crying I miss them soooo much!!! Hugs and kisses, Gammie

  3. The girls have grown so much - and both looking extra cute at the moment. It will get easier when Soph is a tiny bit older and they play together more. It's amazing now how much Minty entertains Turi - when she's not home he really is at a loss. 7pm bedtime with actual sleep sounds heavenly - we are going through a bit of a rough sleeping patch :(

  4. Such beautiful photos! The girls are just gorgeous. The 2 childcare days are the bestdaysoftheweek here too - I agonised over it so much at the beginning, but now we both have a great day. And the rest of the week seems to run smoother for having a bit of variety and some time apart. (And it's nice for my poor neglected second child to have some only child time)

  5. Looks like things are a whirlwind at your place!

  6. Busy, busy, busy... glad you can still find some time to yourself each day. I love my evenings too.


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