Thursday 3 February 2011

creative space

poppy in progress

even with a huge desk and cutting table in my sewing room, my creative space this week is the dining table. the kids' bedtimes are still out of whack with the room sharing so i haven't been able to get into my room much but i'm finding if i have a few things on the go, i can sneak in a bit of cutting or tracing patterns here and there throughout the day. among other thing, i've started work on a poppy doll for mae's third birthday in august. i'd been hoping to create a special doll, with wardrobe, for her birthday but the prospect of drafting a pattern that was just right and then drafting patterns for wee clothes seemed pretty daunting (and unlikely to ever get done, frankly). reading christie's blog, i was reminded of fiona's awesome poppy doll pattern, complete with patterns for pants, a smock and a dress; i followed the link to order and am super happy to be able to get started on it without the weight of designing to slow me down. i'm going to try and do yarn hair on it, ala wee wonderfuls and waldorf dolls, and found a tutorial that makes it look relatively easy.

self covered

and there is still a bit of upholstery going on... need to hit bunnings for some staples for my staple gun and then the parker stool cushion is done!

::check out what other crafty folk are working on at kirsty's place::


  1. Snap - I just made a couple of Poppy dolls (they were supposed to be birthday presents but finished 6 months after the big day). The Oliver and S doll-sized popover dress fits poppy quite well, too, if you are after another outfit.

  2. Oh hooray...lovely.

    I'm really enjoying your have a crack (beautifully) upholstery. x

  3. So sweet! Thanks for the link, I just ordered the bunny pattern :)

  4. Oh, Poppy is so lovely, I made one for my niece too. A word of advice...make sure everything is reinforced, especially the handstitched neck! Our Poppy was loved so well that she only lasted 6 months. :)


  5. Natasha6:42 pm

    Any chance of an upholstery tutorial? Pleeeease....

  6. thanks for the tip, gret - i finished my doll tonight and i love her so much i will definitely do some extra stitching so that she lasts!

    natasha, there's not much to show (and not much time to show it, unfortunately) - i'm only tackling pretty simple box shaped cushions, following the basic instructions at, which shows piping, too. once you take something apart, you can see how it all went together, you know? give it a shot!


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