Tuesday 18 January 2011

baby::phase two


sweet potato

pretty colours in the baby food i've been busy making this week. peaches and sweet potato, both baked in the oven in separate trays at the same time i roasted a chicken, making short work of the job (and a very yummy dinner for everyone). sophie didn't start solids until six months but took to them with a vengeance and five weeks later, she is demanding three solid meals a day plus plenty of bottles. the extra energy has been promptly put to good use, last week she started crawling and now has added a half sitting position, trying to climb over things and pulling herself up on whatever she can reach. sheesh. whatever happened to my lovely lump of baby?

stop. growing. kid.


  1. She is still your baby...but a lovely BIG lump of a baby.

  2. Oh isn't she just gorgeous! My second just took a couple of steps today. The time just flies!

  3. She looks lovely though and will soon be running madly around. Almost can't imagine my youngest at that age any more and he is not three yet, though he is huge for his age.

  4. Wow- I have heard that #2 picks things up much quicker than #1. Before you know it she'll be using a fork and running around the house...

  5. what is it with second babies growing up so fast?

    And eating so much! I don't know what to do with Polly, am I meant to just keep on feeding her until she stops. She ate a massive bowl of veges and rice tonight, like a noodle/laksa bowl size, I was expecting her to pop.


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