Sunday 26 December 2010

merry northern hemisphere christmas

while we relax on aussie boxing day, it is weird for me to think that it is still christmas day back home in canada. we had such a lovely day yesterday, probably the best christmas that i've had in years and years. kids really do make the holidays so much more fun.

and it is amazing what i can get done in an hour of kid free time these days. shane took both kids with him to pick up his sister across town and i managed to get the turkey stuffed and in the oven, vaccumed the whole house and brought out all the presents to open when they got back. piling the gifts in the middle of the room just seemed wrong so i grabbed some kraft paper and crayons and hastily got to work on a last minute tree for them to discover when they got home.

christmas 2010

much more festive, i think : )


  1. Night Owl3:37 pm

    Leslie, the new grey rug works a treat and just in time for Christmas, top work on the last minute tree too! Yes kids do make for a great Christmas especially now the first bubba is was quiet around here to being with (but oh so stress free!) first time in years we didnt travel a million miles to see family, but once the gift wrap began to russel and be shreaded around the lounge room, with the smell of a roast wafting through the house and carols playing in the background, well the festive spirit kicked in and we had smiles all round. We even managed to squeeeze in a nanna nap :) Happy Boxing day dear friend and I hope the backpack got the reaction you'd hope for xx

  2. I love the homemade tree! Mama has to do what she has to do to make it special:)

    Happy holidays to you and your lovely family.


  3. oh that tree is lovely.


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