Monday 13 December 2010

baby beans

six months old

this sweet girl turned six months old last week and i can't quite believe it. i remember thinking when i was pregnant that i just needed to make it to december, when the house would be done (bwahahahahaha) and the baby would be six months old and all of life would be so much easier. but now that we are here, i'm a bit sad that it is all going to quickly. she has been such a great baby, IS such a great baby and i have enjoyed her so much the past few months, i'm sad to lose the warm bundle of baby chub that i can snuggle with any time i want. this easy sleeping, big smiling, happy to play with anything (but especially has her eye on the wipes pack and remotes), fairly immobile cuddly armful of delicious baby. love you big, baby beaner.


  1. aw, beautiful, and just the inspiration I needed this morning, thank you :)

  2. She is absolutely gorgeous...look at those big smiling, trusting eyes. My youngest baby is 36 and I still miss my little bundle of baby chub. The good thing is that my babies have had babies so I can still have the hugs. And I always grab babies whenever I can. LOL.

  3. aw... my little roo just turned 6 months old on Saturday too! Last few months have been so much fun! (well the first few months were great too but now she smiles, giggles, interact... it's hard to beat) I am nervously waiting for her to crawl. That will be a new phase!

    Happy December!


  4. She is utterly, chubbily gorgeous. And I clocked the use of the phrase 'fairly immobile'. Sort of like marking the calm before the storm...

  5. Such a perfect, happy little munchkin! Please give her a kiss and a squeeze from Aunty Heather. xoxoxox


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