Sunday 12 September 2010

kid craft

paper crown

mae's new bracelet

a paper crown quickly whipped up using some paper mae and i had been drawing on plus a bit of bling made from ribbon and a pink sparkly bracelet we found at the park = one happy 2 year old. the crown got worn all day, to the supermarket and the cafe, and finally reached it's demise in the bath. but that's okay, we can make another one tomorrow. and the day after. and the day after that.  : )


  1. you really have a talent for dealing with kids!!

  2. so sweet. that's the best kind of bling i've ever seen x

  3. So fun and cute! Next time I'm grumpy, I'm making myself a crown to wear around all day ... though maybe not to the supermarket!

  4. I do love these kind of spontaneous kids creative moments. Simple and made with things at hand.


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