Thursday 12 August 2010

baby boom


blue baby blankee

cotton patchwork tops and super soft and fuzzy hemp/cotton fleece on the other side, pieced during naptimes and sewn on a tiny table in mae's room while she is at childcare. lovely, simple and creatively satisfying gifts for dear friends who are having babies all over the place (with many more to come in the next few months).


  1. lovely to see you back at the machine xx

  2. so simple an idea but so perfectly executed. you should add these to your etsy store, when you have a little more time on your is certainly good to see you back at your machine.

  3. i am always in love with your baby blankets, leslie! where do you get your fleece from?

  4. Ooh, I love the blue one.. so lovely to see a nice boys quilt :)

  5. thanks, everybody : )

    you can usually find hemp/cotton fleece at shops that sell cloth nappy (diaper) making supplies. i have bought it from bubba earth and green beans. etsy should have a good supply as well!

  6. Beautiful. I love the attention to detail and thought that's gone into these gifts. Lucky bubba's!

  7. Wow!!! Hi Leslie!! And welcome to Sophie!! I just clicked over here realising that I hadn't visited for a while and wow you have been busy. I'm so happy for you, and look at Mae in her big sister mode. It's been a while since we met at Sewjourn!

    Sending you my love,

    Eleanor x

  8. Such beautiful fabric choices ...

  9. gorgeous! I was just cleaning out and have some of that hemp fleece from my nappy making days and I never got around to using it! perfect idea!



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