Sunday 11 April 2010

::april update::

easter weekend

it's a sorry state of affairs when i resort to doing monthly updates but there you have it. too many things to do and all of it vying for that precious bit of time when mae is asleep and my back isn't screaming at me to LAY DOWN, already. the pregnancy is going perfectly but i feel like all symptoms are happening 6 weeks ahead of time, like the heartburn and sciatic back pain that flared up in earnest the last four weeks i was pregnant with mae decided to show their faces with ten weeks to go this time (and that's still nine long weeks of sharp, random back pain staring me in the face - not fun). and i feel pretty huge, like surely there can't be too much more to grow when really i know i am kidding myself and will likely balloon out further yet. and i feel so much more tired at this stage than i did when i was pregnant with mae which is bizzare considering i am sleeping so much better this time (probably as a result of being sleep deprived for a year and half). the unending tiredness was unexpected and has taken me a long time to come to terms with, the letting go of custom and planned projects and the "responsibility" to this blog and the guilt that goes with it. i've finally accepted that the next couple of years of my life are going to have to be devoted to raising my children and my creativity, although still a priority to feed, is going to have to come a distant second. it's actually a bit freeing to allow myself to not worry about shop updates and new product development and just make whatever i feel like or have time for or whatever we actually need. in saying that, i'm happy to announce that i will be doing one final shop update on may 1st, with a couple of oobees and windsees that i started for an easter update (that obviously never happened and i beat myself up about and that led to the final big, long, relieved sigh when i realised that i don't HAVE to update my shop, i've got babies to grow and toddlers to wrestle and naps to take) and the small bit of leftover stock from christmas that i was saving for the march mathilda's market that i ended up pulling out of (i've pulled out of the stitches & craft show in may as well which is a huge weight off my shoulders but i will so miss the good times to be had with the other incubator folk... boo). it will feel great to get this stock out into the world and free up a bit of space in my sewing room, which will have to double as a nursery until the new baby is ready to share with maesey.


  1. Take it easy Leslie, I wish you all the best with bub number two! It will be a busy 12 months for you and your family BUT it will settle down x

  2. Relax and enjoy the last few weeks! Won't be long and there'll be a screaming baby instead!

  3. Please, please, please take it slowly and allow yourself to relax before the birth.
    We dont realise how important it is until its too late hey?
    Sounds like youve figured it all out way ahead of time so thats wonderful.
    Enjoy the first few weeks of being a mother of two (no mean feat) and get back to us all here when you are ready!

  4. So sorry to hear you won't be "doing' stitches , but I hope you'll be visiting...maybe we can squeeze in a hello !!

  5. Glad to hear you're giving yourself a break! It's such a shame that as women we feel the need to continue as if nothing is different when we are pregnant or have a newborn or a sick child. Yes, we can do it all but why would we want to? There are only so many hours in the day and I would rather do one job well (in your case grow a baby and raise a toddler) than many jobs shoddily. Rest and enjoy this precious time with just yourself and Mae before bubby arrives.
    Melinda :)

  6. Slow down so that you are somehow rested for delivery, is good that you don't have to so enjoy take it easy and cherish all that comes with being a mother, and looking on the bright side of having two little ones with short age difference is that you will be done with the hard part really quickly! :) But do keep us posted of the baby and you! Oh and I thought about you because my baby 6 months is really sleeping well at night and I used the book "on becoming baby wise"and I think that helped a lot. Just in case.

  7. Gosh don't apologise, it's a completely different game second time around. Just managing the "have to's" is challenging enough.

  8. Thank you for being honest and real about what you want to do and what you are able to do! As a mother of two and avid craft blog reader I often find myself thinking "how do they do it all, what am I doing wrong that I can't raise two kids, whip up a couple of quilts a week, grow all my own veg and get my kids into nature/craft/reading and that good stuff". So your post is an awesome breath of fresh air. Well done. You've got your priorities right! Good luck with the rest if the pregnancy.

  9. Jacqui10:20 am

    I absolutely agree with Sam above.... and as a reader of your blog for a while I want to congratulate you on the amazing amount you've achieved. You make beautiful things which I'm always inspired by - nothing wrong with chilling out for a bit and taking it all in with the kiddlies. I've got 2 girls (2 & 1/2 yrs and 3 mths) and literally dusted off my sewing machine this week for the 1st time since my little baby, Daisy, was born. And it was to make your kidlet pants!!! They're fantastic & thank you very much for being so generous with the pattern. I was very brave & cut up an old stretchy shirt of mine and they've made great tracky pants! So, good luck with number 2 & enjoy them both :-)

  10. Take it easy and try and relax a bit before your next little one arrives. You know they are your most perfect creation. Don't worry you will soon have some time to create and blog but not as often as you might like to. Don't try and be supermum do what ever you feel like doing at the time

  11. i hear you loud and clear lady!! this pregnancy has been so different to my first
    when are you due? ours is next week
    and i am over being a hormonal wreck!!

  12. Congrats and best wishes with your pregnancy! You put into words exactly how I felt for the past 2 years and although I was really sad about not updating my shop it was such a huge relief!
    I think you should take it easy and spoil yourself as much as you can before number 2 comes.
    I can't believe how big Maesey has gotten!

  13. Yeah for you for reprioritorizing! I am inspired and going to follow your lead!!


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