Monday 29 March 2010

mama made fashion show

maesey's jersey dress
simple jersey dress adapted from design 5 in ottobre 01/2009

white balloon
skirt made last year at craft camp, still fits!

vintage patchwork pocket skirt
linen with vintage patchwork pockets skirt made about
six months ago as part of my christmas market stock.

mama made pants
kidlet pants made from a cool, good quality jersey
shirt that i bought for way too much money in
munich in 1999 and couldn't part with.

more mama made pants
another pair of kidlet pants in a drapey shot cotton,
using the selvedge as hem.

i drafted the pattern for the kidlet pants myself and am so ridiculously happy with it that i will be offering it as a free download on my next post so all you folks with toddler sized people can whip yourself up a couple of pairs. i've made mae three pairs of pants and a pair of flannel pj bottoms from the same pattern so far and have plans for more - it's just one simple pattern piece and gives a nice, straight-leg shape. pics and pattern hopefully tomorrow, need to get a few new pics first.


  1. There's a saying by us crazy Tweddle workers and MCHN's- so cute you could bite them! (def in a good way!) and she's right up there with the most biteable! Those baby chub, her posing is divine, too. The little sandals look so serious, but so cute! No wonder you're having another one, when the first one turned out so good ;)

  2. Very generous Leslie! Looking forward to whipping Alfie up some kiddlet pants x

  3. I love a hand made mama parade, I was at a friends the other day ans she asked if I had made Poppy's pants, I had to say yes and the shirt and their jackets and Caleb's pants. There is a real sense of accompleshement and enjoyment that I find in that, perhaps I am just a little nutty though!
    They all look gorgeous and all so different too - love that!

  4. Oh man, I can't believe how grown up she looks in these shots!! I particularly love that shot in the linen skirt (and that skirt is divine, you have such flair with pairing colours). What an ace wardrobe. I am feeling envious. For myself. And for Scouty. Those pants are cool - it's hard to find good girl's pants I think.

  5. She is so cute! And such a stylish wardrobe. I love the stripey dress with coloured binding.

    And I'm looking forward to the pants pattern... I might have to upsize it slightly for my chunky monkey, but it will be great to have a good shape to start from. It's ridiculously hard to find well fitting comfy toddler pants.


  6. Oh they are all so great, little Mae look so cute and grown up! The pants pattern looks fantastic, how exciting.

    I keep meaning to buy some of those Ottobre magazines but can then never decide which ones to buy and it all becomes too hard so I don't buy any. Think I just need to do it.

    Hope you're feeling well with the new little one, not long now!

  7. She is so cute in all her mummy made fashions. I love those pants!

  8. oh goody! free pattern download. me very excited indeed. Job well done, Miss Mae is a very good model!

  9. Love the clothes. What a cute little model!

    Your pants pattern sounds excellent. I've been on the lookout for a pattern that is simple and looks good. Thanks - I can't wait!

  10. Lovely little model!

    And now here's a little something for your ravelry queue.

  11. Anne Newton1:01 pm

    Great clothes, hon, and what an AMAZING little model!!! Hugs! MOM

  12. oooh can't wait for the kiddlet pants! All the clothes you made for Mae are adorable!

  13. What a great idea Leslie! I'm a sucker for a linen skirt, so cute (and so is Mae!). You're so generous to post the pattern.

  14. Goodness, how she's grown!! And totally the cutest model for her mama made outfits!

  15. Kiddlet pants would be great as I have a 17 month old who would love some!


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