Thursday 4 February 2010

sweet & tender hooligan

18 months

18 months old
still points out every airplane overhead
plays in the rain but hates the shower
slurps water off the pavement (i know, ewwww)
loves her shoes
baby doll must come with us everywhere
runs up and throws her arms around my legs, burrowing her little face in
nods emphatically when you ask the right question
a great little eater
waves at random people when we're out for a walk
waves and says "see yaaaa" when she's ready to go home from anywhere
baxter's biggest fan
an "in the night garden" addict
helps me prepare her bottle and walks to her cot for her nap (!)
starting to put herself back to sleep when she wakes at night
pushes her doll stroller around the block
perpetually teething
loves the slide at the playground
finds flies very annoying, small spiders and beetles fascinating and mosquitoes terrifying
has one hell of a mullet
my favourite little person in the world


  1. Ooh, but she carries the mullet off so well! She sounds so fun, it's the best age, I think.

  2. I can't believe how big she is! So cute!

  3. What a character! and those big brown peepers - adorable.

    I see she is also a fan of the two best toys money can buy .... a box and balloons. My kids love them!

  4. Oh what a sweet and tender blog post - I am now singing the Smiths tune, thanks!!!

  5. And what a cutie she is! She's going to make a wonderful big sister :)

  6. she's just gorgeous! she looks so tall! my little one is 15m, and still looks much more babyish, or maybe that's just to me...

  7. Grandma4:05 pm

    Ohhhh, grandma is missing that little girl and all the cute things she does!!!!! Reading through the list brings back vivid memories of visiting 4 weeks ago and experiencing all that cuteness!!!

  8. such a sweet post. She is a little wonder, such a character. Miss Annie and Mae will get up to much mischief I fear :)

  9. Oh that haircut is so so cute!

  10. Ooh, missing those days, especially the random waving at passers-by! Love the hairdo xxx

  11. he he, i laughed so hard when i read the part about the mullet - ella also had 'one hell of a mullet' at 18 months, too :) i just couldn't bring myself to cut her baby curls...until one really hot summer day when i thought 'i'll just trim it, ever so slightly' - i made a huge mess of it and ended up taking her to the salon across the street where ALL of her baby curls were chopped off and styled into a trendy bob. she's been like a little grown-up ever since. i say keep the mullet for as long as you can, it's too cute :)


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