Friday 12 February 2010

i love mail

more online shopping

i've been treating myself to a few bits and pieces lately; new birkenstocks because i've worn the sole on my classic, hippie birks down to the cork and i reasoned that i needed a pair to wear while they get resoled; a new japanese pattern book that i snapped up on ebay as it has a few cute things in it that would be great maternity wear should i ever actually sew any of them; and a book on the quilts of gee's bend that i have been coveting for well over a year now.

gees bend

gees bend

this book is absolutely stunning, providing so much quilting inspiration that i am almost overwhelmed by it. the photos above aren't even my ultimate favourite ones, i just randomly opened the book and took photos - i don't know if i will even be able to pick ultimate favourites because every page holds something beautiful and unique. one thing in this book that is really striking a chord with me is the way it includes photos of the buildings and surrounds of gee's bend, snapshots of boarded up doorways and wooden fences that subtly influenced the style of the artists and the quilts themselves. it's making me itch to get out with my camera and see what i could be unknowingly influenced by in my neighbourhood, what i could draw inspiration from just by looking at it in a new light, as a pattern rather than an object.


  1. Have to get that book!!

  2. I live in my birkenstocks! I wear them with everything but man I hate when I wear them down, always on one side! I took them to the shoe shop and nearly died when they told me how much it would cost to resole so I just keep buying new ones!!!!!!!!!!!!

    lovely mail!

  3. Oh, that book is amazing. Have you seen this?

    Impossible not to swoon over. Lucky you!

  4. Hello Leslie
    Congratulations on your pregnancy. I am so glad I found your blog again because you inspired me to make some little flower stuffies as a gift to friends who had twin baby girls last year. I called mine "wonky blossoms" because- well, they are really very wonky. I made mine of linen, embroidered the names and birthdates on one side. I made the petals have various textures because I had loads of scraps (still have). I added a little loop so it can be hung as a decoration if they preferred. I recently started my own blog and have some photos in my Flickr. Please be assured that I would never make these to sell and if I were to do more it will be for my own girls who were mighty put out that I mailed these to the babies. I am so glad that I can now go back and give you credit you deserve for this lovely idea.

    BTW, I have delivered all three of my girls with an epidural (and due to health concerns,all induced). I am not too sure if I have even properly felt a contraction and I am SO fine with that. I admire women that labour without out of concern for their baby, but in so far as I had a choice in the matter it is not for me. All the best.

  5. hi there, hope u don't mind, I listed u as a Kreative Blogger on my blog. Really enjoy looking at your creations and swearing I'll try something somilar - but I never seem to get there :)

  6. I love mail, too! Yours is good this week.

  7. I watched a documentary on the women from Gees Bend! So much more than just a quilt, works of art and soul!

    I just came upon your blog today while googling 'jean hems' LOL
    so glad I found it!


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