Saturday 12 September 2009

saturday morning fever

i dragged mae down to a garage sale at the uniting church in williamstown this morning and MAN, am i glad i did! we found some serious gold.

vintage rocking horse
absolutely gorgeous vintage rocking horse in spectactular condition, complete with mohair tail and leather ears intact for... wait for it... FIVE DOLLARS. i couldn't give my money to the guy fast enough, let me tell you.

with vintage goodies
and from the same seller i snagged this cute little kid's chair for $1. it needs some surface rust removal and to be reupholstered but hey, who am i to turn down yet another project?

cubby tent
i also found this super cute "cubby house tent" for $8. it's never even been opened and i think it will be so fun in the backyard this summer. baxter will love it even if mae doesn't : )

and a bunch of succulents for $1 each, plus the man gave me an extra one "for the baby" which was so bey0nd sweet. i also picked up three oil paintings of australian landscapes for $1 each and two books for mae for 10¢ each. just craziness, i tell you. i drove out of there with the biggest smile on my face, just giddy. the smile has stayed on there pretty much all day despite mae having a bit of a fever and a bit of the crankiness that goes with it. here's hoping she wakes up better tomorrow as we have a 1st birthday party to go to that i've really been looking forward to...


  1. an A+ day for sure leslie, hope you get to the party.

  2. If she is anything like my kids, she will love that tent! Steve puts up a proper tent in our backyard for a week or so in summer, and many hours have been spent in it!

  3. Leslie, what amazing scores! I'm esp impressed with the rocking horse and tent :-) Hope Maesy feel sbetter, and enjoy that party!

  4. Aweome finds. I love the rocking horse especially

  5. Total score!! Finger crossed Mae feels better and you can make the party xox

  6. Oh, that's exactly the same pattern that my dad used to make me a rocking horse when I was little. Ahhh, good find!

  7. Oh, Ruby is envious of Mae's wonderful horse. Giddy up!

  8. What excellent finds! The giddiness actually transported itself through the computer screen. Itching. To. Find. Garage Sale.

  9. What some great deals! Cute stuff.

  10. Anonymous12:23 pm

    love to see a photo of the tent when it is up, looks fantastic!

  11. Well done! They're all lovely!


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