Friday 12 June 2009

thank you

just wanted to say thanks so much for all the sweet and supportive comments on my clothes and quilt making endeavours (and really, all your comments ever)! i feel like i've been just lurking around blogland, twitter and flickr lately - mae is more interactive and i have less computer time and once she's gone to bed i'm usually too tired to do much besides flit around the internet mindlessly. your comments remind me that i'm part of a community and it's one that i get so much out of every. single. day. it's the reason for so much inspiration, kindness and the fact that i have more people that i want to spend more time with in real life than i could possibly count.

also thought i'd answer a few of the questions that were asked about the last post (since blogger can't get it's act together and provide a useful comment/reply system). jhoanna asked where i found ottobre - i was lucky enough to have all of sooz's copies available to me for the weekend. she has had a subsription for a few years now so there was plenty to choose from. she subscribes from an aussie distributor, craftymamas, but i had a look at the ottobre site and ended up subscribing directly through them for a little bit less money PLUS you get a free back issue of your choice for being a new subcriber. i would've loved to support craftymamas but, you know, i love a deal even more. and christine asked about the copious amount of quilting on my most recnt quilt - i do all of my quilting on a regular machine. it's a four year old janome, not entry level but definitely not super fancy (too lazy to go into my sewing room and get the model number but i will if anyone really wants the info). i've promised myself a new sewing machine for my 35th birthday (next year. yikes.) and i'll probably be looking at some long arm models then.

ps. christine has an etsy shop full of vintage children's books that are ABSOLUTE GOLD.


  1. I love Christine's selection of kid's books, too! Right now she has a Goldilocks and the Three Bears read-along record that I totally used to have ... nostalgia!!!

  2. Don't worry about 35. I've just hit it and with a 2 year old you don't even have time to notice!

    I loved all the stuff you made on your crafty weekend. I've been wondering if I can get some Tassie people together to go to Sewjourn sometime. Is that where you went?

  3. Thanks for the heads up on the Ottobre subscription deal :-) Also, just saw a pic of you and Mae at Ink and Spindle - isn't their studio so lovely?!

  4. you're the greatest.
    thanks for the shout out mama...
    so sweet of you.

    and, i'm looking at my 38th b-day on the 25th of June. closer to 40 than 35... sigh.

  5. Anonymous3:46 pm

    I just subscribed to Ottobre through craftymamas, they offer a free back issue too. I can't wait to get my first issue. I have been talking it up in the playground so I think my copies are going to be very well thumbed.


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