Wednesday 15 April 2009


bendigo op shop loot

from my two favourite bendigo op shops.


  1. lovely op shop goodness...amazing how op shopping opportunities expand once you have children!

  2. Ah some lovely things. "Guess How Much I Love You" is a favourite in our household.

  3. Ooh nice, Bendigo is always good for a score!

  4. I used to make special trips up to Bendigo for the op-shops... well, that and my sister was living there. They really are treasure-troves, aren't they?

    We love "Guess How Much I love You" in our house, too.

  5. Ooo nice finds Leslie!!

    Love the handkerchief!

    I found myself buying Cabbage Patch patterns at Savers the other week. Couldn't help myself ;-)

    (and my girls love their CPK's *sigh*)

  6. Great score! Love that sippy cup!

  7. Looks like fun :)
    I particularly love the antique sippy cup. It reminds me of one my grandma had for us when we were little. that my cousin and I still fought over when we were much older hehe
    And loving your Easter Bunny in the previous pos especially his fluffy head :)

  8. Aw, I love the sippy cup! I had one of those when I was little!

  9. Anonymous6:56 am

    guess how much i love you. what a beautyful book!

  10. Great finds! I love going into an op shop with nothing really in mind, and coming out with all kinds of pre-loved goodness! How cute is that elephant?! :)

  11. well done! I miss op shopping but with a twin pram and a toddler I just can't do it (or enjoy it)! but I must do it soon because my new local one is in the heart of granny city!



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