Sunday 8 February 2009


around our house this weekend:

spotty oobee blankees
oobee blankees for the market in march...

scrap pram quilt
a freeform quilt in the works for a new little fella in the northern hemisphere...

shane's chilis
shane's pretty string of red hot jalapenos...

and these two monkeys being the best kind of silly.


  1. Love your pics, your projects look great!

  2. Hey Leslie, how rude of me to not let you know sooner that I received the fabrics on Friday. Sorry just had one of those weekends. Don't you love post from Australia (you don't have to wait as long for it to arrive!)
    Love them all but I am particularly crazy about the orange and blue leave pillowslip :)

    and love those oobee blankets - will you be adding any windsees to your shop soon?

    Also loved your little business card where did you get them done?

    sorry mass comment!
    Hope you guys are keeping cool down there in those crazy temps!
    kt x

  3. Is that your ironing board behind those oobees? Such a pretty cover on it!

    You are working on some very lovely projects! :)


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