Friday 27 February 2009


lavender heatpacks

when we were in bendigo for christmas, my father-in-law gave me huge bundles of the most gorgeously fragrant lavender from his garden. i dried it and ended up with quite a large amount of delicious smelling buds, which got me thinking about ways to use them. i had it in mind to make some child sized, microwaveable heat packs but with the hot summer weather and a million other things going on, the idea got shelved. i was catching up on a few blogs earlier this week and one of them mentioned their kids cozying up with a quilt and a heat pack when they were feeling poorly (forgive me, i can't remember which blog it was - i can't even remember what day of the week it is lately. let me know if it was yours and i'll add the appropriate link 'cause it was a really nice post) - it sounded so lovely to me that i finally started working on a pattern. it's so great to work on something new, something smallish and relatively quick to finish. and oh, they are fun to make, what with the choosing of fabrics and creating lots of scraps for future quilts : )

finally using up some kid's prints
i say they are child sized but they're not itty bitty or anything, they fit nicely around the curve of my neck so they could be used by anybody.

super soft cotton sherpa
they have a removable, washable cover and i used cotton sherpa for one side so they are super soft and cushy, nice to snuggle with or keep toes warm in winter beds.

heatpack covers waiting to be filled
lots of covers waiting to be filled...


  1. love them! and your fabrics... oh my :D

  2. Oooh, please sell them on etsy! Pleaasseee! The one with the Eiffel tower is simply delicious!

  3. thanks kate and jo! i would love to sell them on etsy but, unfortunately, they are just too heavy to send in the mail. i'm thinking of writing up the pattern and selling it as a little kit with the fabrics, though, just need to find the time to get it done.

  4. These are sucha great idea, can't wait to see you at the show!! All looking beautiful.

  5. These are so cute. I always have a ton of lavender and am looking for ways to do something with it. This would be great.

  6. Anonymous4:31 pm

    oh, you're just full of so many great ideas.

  7. I've been making lavender wheat bags in a smaller child size and recently found out you can put them in the freezer to use as a cold pack, they are great one little ones fall over instead of a bag of peas

  8. They are delightful! Such a lovely shape and such fabulous fabrics. What do you put inside other than the lavender? wheat?
    I make eye pillows with lavender and linseeds. Soooo nice :)

  9. Anonymous4:12 am

    I absolutely need one of these. Just this past weekend Rowan had an earache and I was looking for something soft I could heat and use to soothe his cheek and neck. I'm excited to see them in your shop!

  10. these look so lovely, great fabrics!!

  11. they look fantastic, maybe that could be our trade...?

  12. You are an absolute powerhouse of productivity - they look gorgeous, are they for the market or the store (you probably said). I may see if I can get along to the March market and I'll say hi if I do.

  13. thanks for all the positive feedback on these, it's so great to get when showing a new design : )

    nik - i filled them with rice, which seems to be working well. they heat up nicely and stay toasty for a pretty long time. i've used linseed before but didn't know where to get the huge quantities of it i needed - not time to run and around and scout things out these days!

    christie - totally!! i'll email you abut fabrics, etc.

    vic - i'll have these at the stitches & craft show (at the showgrounds, march 11-15) and at mathilda's market on march 15. you definitely need to come by and say hi if you're at either!


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