Tuesday 10 February 2009


i thought i'd use this post to answer a few common questions i've been getting lately, not because i don't want to get emails (although it may take me a couple of days to get back to you so bear with me) but just in case there are other people out there with the same questions who are too shy to ask. here goes...

Q:: when will you have more windsees/fleurs/oobees available in your shop?
A:: i wish i had a happy answer for anyone waiting patiently outside of melbourne but, unfortunately, the next shop update not be until the end of march and i'm not sure exactly what it will contain. i've just signed on to be part of a very big, very exciting, 5 day long craft show in march and am now mildly panicking about the amount of stock i want and need to fill five days plus have a nice full table at mathilda's market (the same weekend - yikes!). whatever is left after the markets will be popped into my shop, i promise. and, as always, if anyone is really desperate for something for a special occasion or baby on the way, i am always happy to fit in a custom order, just drop me an email.

Q:: where do you get your fabric from?
A:: the short answer - everywhere. the long answer - i order most of my fabric online from specialty fabric shops and sellers on etsy but also pick up bits and pieces from thrift shops, fabric and quilting shops in melbourne, even spotlight. here is a list of where i've bought fabric from over the past couple of years:

::online fabric sources::
fat quarter shop
z & s fabrics
ink & spindle
sakura fabric
starlit nest
ellie bleu
fabric supplies
the crafty turtle
fabric closet

::shops in melbourne*::
patchwork on central park
darn cheap fabrics

Q:: where do you get your labels made?
A:: i had the woven labels you can see in my header image made about 4 or 5 years ago through a label company i found online. it was so long ago that i can't actually remember it if was this place or this place, neither website looks like what i remember, but i emailed my design off to them, sent a money order to china and a couple of weeks later, a box of labels turned up at my door! i'm sure these days there are plenty of places offering woven labels, i remember searching for "custom woven labels" through google as i knew i wanted to design them myself. the labels i use on the oobees, windsees and fleurs are all designed and printed by me on my inkjet printer and then heatset to withstand washing. i have a tutorial about inkjet printing on fabric here if anyone wants more information on how to do this. let me know how you go if you give it a try!

Q:: do you have a wholesale pricelist? can i carry onegirl designs in my shop?
A:: thank you so, so much for your interest, lovely shops! it is beyond flattering and such a nice boost to my confidence that you would want to sell my goodies but, unfortunately, i don't offer my wares wholesale. i'm finding it hard enough to stock my own shop these days and there are just so many areas of sewing that i want to explore further, without getting bogged down in deadlines and filling large orders. i like interacting with my customers, in person and online plus i want to keep my prices reasonable - right now there is no way for me to lower my prices for wholesale and still justify the time and care it takes me to make things.

* this is not by any means a complete list of fabric shops in melbourne, just ones where i have actually purchased fabric myself.


  1. The craft show and mathilda's? You must be sewing like a mad woman.

  2. i wanna crash that craft show!
    speaking of oobee's. i've got a new little boy at our house that needs a new little boy oobee. let me know when you have a free minute to whip one up and set up a custom listing for me. no hurry...
    love, lindsay


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