Thursday 15 January 2009

goals + resolutions aka oh, nine.

so "stop procrastinating" probably isn't going to make it onto my resolutions list this year, seeing as it's the 15th of january and i'm just getting around to my new year's post. i'm okay with that, i have plenty of other things i'd like to get done:

1:: enjoy and make the most of these days with my sweet baby girl
2:: share more recipes (i love to cook/bake and somehow never mention it here)
3:: participate in a minimum of four markets (i'll be at mathilda's market in march and november and then probably at the maribyrnong maker's market in august and november)
4:: lose the last bit of this baby weight, probably around 5kg (12 pounds) (i think i actually GAINED weight over christmas, damnit)
5:: get two photobooks made for mae, one for birth to 6 months and one for 6 months to one year
6:: make the amy butler gumdrop pillows for the lounge room that i bought the pattern for over a year ago
7:: finish the queen/king size quilt for our bed that i started last year
8:: make a double sided, solid colour, heavily quilted throw for the lounge room (kona cotton already purchased, soooooo nice!)
9:: play around with more clothing patterns for myself and mae
10:: set a weekly time, like over friday morning coffee, to respond to emails so that they don't get piled up and overwhelming and then unanswered

there are plenty of other things i'd like to get done like writing up some of my designs into patterns and adding new designs to my current handmade lineup but i'm trying to make some tangible goals. that doesn't seem so unmanageable over 12 months, does it? oh, oh, one more:

11:: keep working on the scrap quilt top project that i started this week. the criteria is, must be made with genuine quilting cotton scraps from other projects, no cutting into yardage. i don't have a set size that i want it to end up yet, maybe a single? it's totally addictive, here's what i got done during the heatwave we just had (mae likes to relax and nap in the heat, which is fine by me):

scrap patchwork


  1. What a wonderful set of resolutions! I'm a mum to an almost one year old boy, and am so impressed at what you have achieved with your projects since having Mae. You should be so proud of what you've produced (most especially your little girl!).

    I am slowly venturing into the world of quilting, and just love your scrap quilt! Is it machine pieced? So awesome, and it must bring back great memories of projects you've completed with the fabrics.

    You've inspired me to get my tangible list of resolutions done too. Thank you for sharing your wonderful blog.

  2. i wish i could sew...I will do it vicariously through your blog! ps I love a good list!

  3. Anonymous9:18 am

    I love your scrap quilt. You have beautiful scraps that go together so well. I only just wrote my resolutions too. Good intentions...

  4. love the quilt. scrap quilts are a lot of fun. I still have mine, sitting at the bottom of my drawers waiting for more scraps.

    You missed one resolution: spend play time with Em and Cotton Socks! :)

  5. Hey lovely - I would love to exchange our favorite recipes! interested? I *love* to cook~

  6. Anonymous2:34 pm

    have you checked out ?
    i want(ed) to make books
    for sadie but it seems so un-doable at this point with 22 months to document... it goes too fast.

  7. Your scrap quilt looks lovely! I remeber that large size quilt- that one was so inspiring.

  8. Hayden is 2 yrs, 8 mos ... and I *still* struggle mightily with #10. And now I have baby #2 here!! Oy vey!

    We make a Hayden Year Book every late December to send out as holiday gifts for the grandparents and great grandparents. They all love it, and really look forward to it. Makes life a lot easier for us on the gift-giving front, too! I highly recommend it.

  9. Good luck with these goals - especially the books for Mae. The most expensive item I bought for Chloe was a Binth baby book that was over a hundred dollars and now I'm scared to start writing in it and make a "mistake". :-)

  10. This is a lovely scrap quilt...good luck with your resolutions, I know I find it easier just not to have them anymore...Tam xo


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