Saturday 13 December 2008

and we're off...

picnic quilt fini
the picnic quilt! done! now, to find some sunshine in which to use it...

the shop is closed, the bags are sort of packed, and we keatings (and newtons) are off to the mornington peninsula for a little r & r. thanks to you all for visiting me this year, here's wishing you a wonderful, relaxing and cosy holiday, wherever you are : )


  1. Anonymous11:08 pm

    i love the blanket. i hope you get lots of use out of while r & r 'ing. whoohoo.

  2. have a great holiday! r and r sounds goooooood


  3. hey there. i came over from rummage. i love the quilt. great colors!

  4. Oh lovely! Enjoy your time away and hopefully a lot of sunshine :)

  5. what a stunning combination of colors! enjoy the beach...our high here today was -7...beach sounds soooo much better!

  6. Anonymous6:13 am

    Happy Holidays! I love this quilt. The vintage sheeting and quilt are gorgeous! I am completely amazed by the color combinations and beautiful flower patterns. Well done :o)

  7. Anonymous4:50 pm

    Hope you're having a wonderful 1st Christmas with Mae.

    See you again soon.


  8. I've just found this happy place of yours. I'll definitely pop back for a visit in 2009.

    The mornington peninsula is my happy place. So many great spots. If you're still here & have access to your posts????

    For great food & fun in Rye check out Baha on the main strip.

    For a wonderful winery experience check out T'gallant for casual vibe or Tuck's Ridge for some more serious dining & wining.

    Heronswood Gardens in Dromana are lovely & shady on a hot day.

    And beaches well... there are so many to choose from & I'm not telling my favourite secret quiet place here.

    I hope you enjoy.

    (sorry for the essay)

  9. Anonymous6:13 am

    thanks for your comment on my blog! she's still gorgeous and the cutest baby around!! 8 weeks 6 days old today.

  10. Gosh, those are lovely fabrics! Just foudn your site today via the mixtogether email. Loving that picnic quilt.

  11. This quilt is gorgeous. Love it! :)


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