Saturday 29 November 2008

random thoughts at midnight

yes, midnight. what am i doing up you ask? is the baby crying, needing to be tended to? noooooo. nope. just me. i can't sleep. went to bed at 8:30 i was so exhausted, shane woke me up when he came to bed at 9:30 (we really live it up on friday nights around here), mae woke me at 10:00 for a feed and then i just couldn't get comfortable, couldn't stop thinking about a million things and finally, just decided to get up and have a warm cup of milk and honey. now for the random:

• there are far too many markets happening in melbourne this weekend. magnolia square is on in brighton, sisters market in brunswick where you can visit dana, shannon and the mixtape girls, melbourne design market when you can visit the ink & spindle ladies, and the baby & kids market is in camberwell on sunday. i had every intention of visiting each of these markets but in reality, i doubt that i'll even get to one.

• mae and i made an attempt to go to magnolia square today but then i dragged her all the way to mentone for a couple of op shops and carmels fabrics first and she'd had enough after that so we came home. carmels fabrics was pretty good though... i don't know if it was worth the drive over there from my western home but i'd drop in again if i was in the neighbourhood.

• i really miss darn cheap fabrics in newport. and it's driving me crazy that they still have that location listed on their website even though it's been closed for almost 6 months. i got an email from them today and it was even on that. come on, people. oh, they're having a december sale, by the way, that's what the email was about, starts tomorrow. oh wait, TODAY. later today.

• and speaking of newport and fabric, the little quilting shop there is closing down, too. they didn't have much of a final sale but they are having a "garage sale" of remnants and fixtures and things later today, too. 9am to 1pm, i think. it's on melbourne rd, right around the corner from where darn cheap fabrics USED TO BE.

• oh wait, i just clicked on the location image on the darn cheap fabrics website (which still shows newport) and the enlarged image shows a shop on greville street in prahran?? wha? when did that open? don't you think that should warrant an email to your mailing list, of which i am part. they are really irritating me. especially when they told me the new store would be in south melbourne which is closer to my house.

• uuummmmmm. yeah, still wide awake. here's a picture of baxy:
it kind of bugs me because the colours are all wrong, in real life that blanket is a deep olive, and bax is much darker but what evs. he's cute. and soak up all the faux wood paneling that you can from this image because it's coming down early next year, my friends. the whole room is coming down actually and won't that be fun? let's not think about that right now. let's just go read some blogs, wait for mae to wake up for her next meal (yep, still waking up every three hours. all night long. fun.) and then go to bed. night night.


  1. oh yep, poor you! such a funny post - its so obvious that your brain is whirring away! I hate that - I too was awakened and then up past half the night last night with a brain that wouldnt shut up. We should make a club! But I hope that you're feeling ok and not too tired today : ) xox sharilyn

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  3. Comment, take two...
    Your post makes me jealous as you have such fabulous shopping opportunities and I am too far away to visit them!
    Have a lovely weekend and rest when you can~

  4. Ohhh, I can so relate to your irritations about darn cheap fabrics... I live on Mason st and miss the quick drop in after work to get some stuff I forgot... boo. They told me that they'd open in Sth Melbourne too... weird!
    Didn't know about the quilting shop tho, but I've never visited that actually.

    I really hope you get to go to one of the markets... It'd be nice to finally meet you :)

    Take care... hope you'll manage to get some sleep.

  5. I am new to this blogging business (yes I'm a little slow), but i love reading yours. I too have a new bub (3 1/2 months) and I totally understand where you're coming from, if only our brains had an off switch! And as for the trips out of the house, pick one thing out of the three that you really want to do!!

  6. a little midnight madness is always good for a girl. tonight though, i wish you sleep. sleep. sleep.
    love, lindsay

  7. Anonymous12:41 pm

    I hate to bug you but I left a comment a few posts ago. Just letting you know some of the things I have done with my baby to get him sleeping through. The first thing was to go from 3hr feeds to 4 hourly. Use the dummy and string Mae out. If it is in the middle of the night, then don't pick her up - just keep putting the dummy in until the 4 hours is up. Then feed away! After a week or so, you can cut out the night feed - just keep putting the dummy in (the first night or 2 might be horrendous - crying etc ALL night) but it will work. Mae will sleep through. Anyways, I left my email address in my last post so let me know if you want to chat more. Sorry for hassling you a 2nd time!! :-)

  8. Very funny post, and love that I know those shops you're talking about too! It would be good if it was in Sth Melb, that's my favourite Spotlight. And that horrible stuff they sell in the old shop now should be banned! The quilt shop is going online, I went in to look at their Hungry Caterpillar fabric, and we got chatting. She's still running classes and social sewing, though, which I may try to get too. And yes, so agree about the mailing list irk!
    We should try and meet in the doggy park, you can't miss my dog now, see post! Baxter is too cute on the couch, though, great pic.

  9. i shouldn't laugh, but really this post is just classic and very funny. hope you got to sleep in the end.

    meanwhile, we were at the studio till 12am preparing for the market, and guess what happened when i went to bed?? nothing!! I couldn't sleep till 3:30 am and had to get up at 6:30. Jibbed!! I appreciate your sleeplessness pain even more now ;)

  10. I have to tell you it is really worth coming back to Mentone and making another visit to Carmel's Fabrics. I have been shopping there for years and really love it. I don't know if you realise they have a second outlet about 10 mins away in Braeside where they have a Clearance Warehouse outlet. I go in all the time to get serious bargains. Nothing in the place is over $4.99. We got everything there for our last school concert and managed to do 45 costumes plus stage fabric for around $400. Lycra, sequins, cottons ..... everything was there. They buy heaps of fabric in job lots and clear it out. And if you can wait long enough some of the things in the Mentone shop end up at the warehouse outlet half the price when they want to clear the end of it out.

  11. Anonymous10:54 am

    love this post! great to hear your late night frustrations out there :)



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