Saturday 22 November 2008

grouch duo

i'm grouchy. mae is grouchy. there are times throughout the day when we'll have a little laugh fest but usually it's her grizzling because she:
a) wants the toy
b) is frustrated with the toy not fitting into her mouth properly
c) does not want the toy taken away no matter how frustrating it is
d) is tired but
i) can't stop rubbing her eyes
ii) keeps knocking the soother out of her own mouth
e) gets swaddled so she can sleep properly
f) is on the playmat
g) is taken off the playmat
h) feels the milk isn't coming out fast enough for her liking

and me looking sour with unkempt hair and bags under my eyes, patting her on the back and thinking longingly of the days when she only woke me up twice a night instead of three or four or SIX times, like last night. growth spurt? teething? who knows... i took her to the doctor yesterday fearing she might have an ear infection or something but, nope, she's healthy as a baby ox. just grouchy.

so i was going to post a lot this week, had lots to share and lots to whinge about and then my internet connection had been super finicky and i've been busy with said baby patting and really it all just ended up being a bit too much work. i owe at least 6 nice people emails that i will try to get done by the end of the weekend, pinky swear.

i did manage to get a few things into the shop but there are still a couple of oobees, some pillow covers and the lovely pink quilt to list (the blue/red one sold pretty quickly with a matching pillow and a couple of people said they were coming back for the pink one but didn't make it - should i take it as a sign i can keep it?). i'm also going to be offering custom cot quilts which i'm excited about because picking out fabrics and quilting them up is so addictive to me. i'm hoping it will give me a chance to work with some colours i don't normally use which, of course, will lead to buying more fabric (speaking of which, did you guys get the spotlight VIP offer that's on right now?? spend $100 on anything, including sale items, and get $40 off! i popped over last night and bought some huge 315cm width cotton quilt batting and some assorted odds and ends. gotta love 40% off. it's on till tomorrow so if anyone needs a copy of the VIP offer PDF, drop me a note and i can email it to you).

anyway, these two lovelies are in my shop now, along with an assortment of other onegirl goodies:

made with a fuzzy sheeplike cotton blend, lulu has a cream wool felt face, bright blue eyes and a bright pink nose. she is decked out in little denim pants and a designer (anna maria horner, don't you know!) cotton top and is stuffed with cuddly soft wool fleece. ::update: lulu has been set aside for a very special swap::

made from a soft pink, thick woven linen, petal has a cream wool felt face, blue eyes and a sweet pink nose plus has the extra bonus of a sweet floral print on her ears and another on her tail. she is stuffed with cuddly soft wool fleece.


  1. Oh I so hate the grouchy stage, they all seem to do it though. Doesn't lead to much productivity I must say. Mine is having a bout of the grouches too at 17months. It seems the only 2 options are on my hip or crying. Just as well they are so darn cute.

  2. I'm sorry Mae is grouchy -- Snoop has periodically gone thru the same thing. Lately she just doesn't want to do anything except be held -- she doesn't want the swing, the bouncy chair, the jumperoo, anything!!

  3. isn't that how it goes. i posted the sweetest post about my boy last night and of course this morning we both woke up on the WRONG side of the bed. clashed all day long.
    oh, your sweet mae.
    i loved reading about your craft fair adventure. i'm so happy that it all went so well. i bet it's fun to really get out and pedal your wares to real faces instead of just etsy usernames. =)
    love, lindsay

  4. Cranky babies are hard work, hey? It seems to gets much better when they can sit up and have a bit more control over grabbing things they want. Hang in there... the smiley periods will get longer and the grumpy ones will get shorter.

    Could you email me the spotlight offer? I was going to head there tomorrow for some curtain fabric. Thanks! I'm at floatingworldviews (at) gmail (dot) com. Hooray!

  5. Oh you poor thing - there are such hard days with little ones, aren't there? Our year old has decided sleeping through is not to his liking to he's up at least 2-3 times a night (sometimes just for a play!) so we're hoping he settles back to a routine SOON :) Hang in there - it only ever gets easier (they say!!)...

    I would love it if you could send me a PDF flyer - if you have a spare second??? We're at

    Thinking of you :)

  6. Anonymous8:16 pm

    I have a cranky groucho nutso baby. oh hang on shes 19mths and Im not sure thats considered a baby anymore.... either way its a total drain man.

    And i spent like $100 at spotters yesterday...very annoying....

  7. Swap you for a grouchy 13 year old - any day!

  8. its just a thing you know they'll be crawling around and laughing non stop!!!!

    I just take a break with coffee and chocolate and a mag and the world feels good again till the next time the babies are awake again and then it starts all over again!

    oh and thank goodness for your dollies too!

  9. Cranky babes can really do your head in...I hope it helps a bit to hear you are not the only one (which I'm sure you knew). Hope you get a break from it, sharing the love is great, sharing the grouchiness is even better!


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