Wednesday 22 October 2008

my kids

new squeak toy

mae has reached that "must put everything in my mouth and if nothing is available i will just make loud sucking noises with my fingers" stage. i have had basically zero experience with babies before so every wee little thing she does delights the hell out of me.


she's so cute : )

and just in case anyone is worried that baxter might be suffering from neglect...

that's my side


  1. So so ridiculously cute. Love that little bub, and the pup tucked up. Funny.

  2. Anonymous10:33 pm

    Aww SO adorable (both of them!).
    I love love LOVE reading you write about Mae. I'd never had much to do with babies before having one either. Each day is a new wonderful adventure!

  3. Great pics. Love that brown furry blanket and that adorable little softie Mae's holding. Baxter looks snuggly. That is one thing we are going to try and be extra conscious about when we bring the baby home, to give quality attention to the dog, too.

  4. HAHAHAHA The dog picture is tooooo funny!!!!!!

  5. Your baby is gorgeous, the creations you make adorable and I enjoyed a pleasant read of your blog this morning. :)

  6. Anonymous10:20 pm

    gorgeous, both of them look so happy!! reading your blog makes me look forward to my baby even more, because you've had such a hard time and still, it seems so worth it and you're coming out the other end!

  7. Aren't they both so cute!!!!

  8. oh it's lovely to read about your little girl, especially coz you are a first time Mum. She is adorable.


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