Wednesday 8 October 2008

fabric or "the lack of blog post title"

(more) new fabrics
latest fabric order from the fat quarter shop. i can't stop. and no, i'm not getting kickbacks for mentioning them every 5th post - wouldn't that be great though??

thanks so much for all the great cotton nappy input and links that were left in the comments! there is so much great information out there and lovely kristy provided me with exactly what i've been searching for all week - somewhere to order all sorts of nappy material online that is reasonably nearby (new zealand). because, yes, as so many of you have said, it IS addictive. i've sewn three now and i'm totally hooked. i've been meaning to get a pic of mae in the goods but she's been a bit trying the past couple of days. we had our first big day out on saturday, a quick road trip down the coast to spend the day with ben, emily and her baby belly at their beach house in blairgowrie. mae was absolutely perfect all day long, sleeping, smiling, making her parents proud (and mildly astonished) and i think we've been paying for it ever since. the past few days have ranged from plain old grumpy baby to full blown losing-her-mind-with-the-crying baby, none of whom are much fun to try and deal with 24 hours a day. today has been marginally better, the only reason that i can even quickly type this post out while she's sort of napping. i know i owe a whole heap of you emails and replies to etsy and flickr conversations - please bear with me for a couple of days!


  1. Oh yay you found The Bean! (She blogs too... - hilarious blog!) Apparently internet is down in her little town at the moment (crap NZ weather!) so if you place an order it may be a tad delayed.

    Oh yeah, and yummmmmmy fabric.

  2. Anonymous7:22 pm

    I'm not sure what happened to my comment on your previous nappy post, because I'm sure I left one. Anyway, nevermind. I just wanted to say congratulations on the cloth nappy adventuring - I'm really glad to see more people trying it out. I've so far cloth nappied two babies - one more to go! For an Australian site you may like to check out Bubba Earth - no really fancy fabrics, but lots of good plain absorbant fabric and PUL, I think at reasonable prices (though a while since I've bought from them).

  3. I know all kinds of new things can be exhausting for little baby, but at the same time they are essential to give her some new energy.
    Babys emotional and physical development are bounded. So whenever something emotional happens, it usually brings something new to babys physical capability :)
    My favorite mantra during hard times (or not hard, just some unconvenient ones) is: " We have all growed up" will your little miracle!


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