Thursday 16 October 2008

aussie pricing

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the fluctuating australian dollar has been on my mind a lot lately. i got a bit spoiled by having our dollar almost par with the US and now have a well ingrained habit of ordering tons of loot online, especially from etsy, which now has to cease for awhile. i know most of you out there (from australia) are in the same boat and, with the christmas season coming up, i've been struggling to find a way to offer my australian customers more reasonable pricing, and in our own dollar. i don't want to have to keep lowering and then raising prices in my etsy shop with the crazy rise and fall of our dollar. i thought about opening a bigcartel shop just for aussies but then i have the problem of managing two shops - do they have the same inventory and risk two people ordering the same thing or do they have separate inventory and someone will want something from the other shop? it's too much to deal with for me right now so i've come up with this simple plan:

i'm happy to offer my products to australian customers at the same prices that they would pay were they to visit me at a market here, provided they pay by direct deposit. simply visit my etsy shop to see what i have available, then send me an email at leslie::dot::keating::at::gmail::dot::com with the details of what you'd like to order and your mailing address. i will email you back with my direct deposit details and, once payment has gone through, i will pop your goodies in the post. pricing, for australian residents, in australian dollars, is as follows (i will combine shipping whenever possible):
oobees = $35 plus $5.00 shipping
well dressed oobees = $45 plus $5.00 shipping
oobee blankees = $40 plus $5.00 shipping
fleurs = $30 plus $5.00 shipping
windsees = $40 plus $5.00 shipping

any questions?


  1. Anonymous10:39 am

    I've been thinking about this, too. It was so easy when the dollar was hovering around the 90 cent mark! Think I'm going to have to do something similar.

    Mae is looking just beautiful! She looks like a very happy baby. :)

  2. Yeah Leslie!
    That is great of you.. The prices on Etsy just became quite scary! No overseas purchasing for a while!
    Mae is so adorable, glad the crying has eased up- gives you a chance to recharge yourself! She looks very happy on that wonderful flower mat you made.

  3. Thanks so much for this post, I found it really helpful as a newbie. I have been triying to decide how to go about it.

  4. Anonymous2:12 pm

    It's a bit of a shock, to suddenly be under US$0.70, isn't it! I won't be doing a whole lot of O/S purchasing for a while either. I'm not a seller (or that great at economics!), but I think it would probably be beneficial to sellers if Etsy allowed you to set prices at your local currency - that way, when the AU$ is weak, it would encourage more US buyers to buy your products, but to Aussie buyers, the price stays the same. I don't know if Etsy are considering that as a future option or not. I know in BigCartel you can set your prices at local currency, but then I guess you don't have the benefits of Etsy search, etc. Hmmm. Not helpful, was I?!

  5. Hi there, I have also been thinking about this and decided to advise my customers on etsy that if they Australian, they should contact me for AUS prices (available only with direct debit). I will add the message to each item on etsy once I find a few more minutes...


  6. I think this is a great idea Leslie.....

    I'm feeling the US dollar pinch too - especially with fabric, but it did cause me to go and buy some fabric from my local quilting shop today, so that can't be all bad!

    I hope it doesn't stay this way for too long - bad news for the International crafting community....

    I'm interested in Mae's giant fleur-looking blanket she was lying on in your post the other day - can you share some more about it? I LOVE it!


    Leah xx

  7. Have you explored This is an Australian site for selling handmade items.

  8. i looked into madeit but a) i don't like how you don't really have your own "shop" there and b) i'd still have the same problem of trying to keep track of what was on each site. i appreciate the suggestion though!

  9. Anonymous3:18 pm

    it is really nice of you to do this for Australian buyers. i definitely have my eye on one or two things in your shop for this Christmas!


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