Monday 2 June 2008

a minor whinge

well, i seem to be entering the dreaded super uncomfortable stage of the third trimester - my back is aching and twingey and i'm up to four bathroom visits a night, each with a lengthly period of sleeplessness directly after. last night i went to bed at 10pm and got up three times between then and 3:30am when, upon returning to the coziness of bed, i found myself unable to sleep until around 6am. boo. i can't imagine 8 more weeks of this getting progressively worse. the only, very minor, plus side to the sore back is that sitting for too long in any one position is unbearable, forcing me to get up and do various tasks all day long. the nesting thing is in full force so it's sort of working out well, lots getting accomplished but with a fair amount of discomfort and exhaustion.

quilted cushion cover

i managed to finish two much needed cushion covers, using scraps leftover from the quilt i'm working on. i had a rough idea of how i wanted them to look and just randomly started sewing patchwork strips and then sewing them together. i used a lovely, soft grey/blue corduroy on the back and more of the hand-dyed grey/blue cotton for the binding. i also managed to whip up a new dog bed for baxter, which has been on my to-do list for a very, very long time but haven't been able to get any decent photos of it yet.

in happier news, i had a most lovely saturday morning with sara and emily at magnolia square market, where i had the pleasure of meeting the gorgeous allison of lark, picking up one of her amazingly sweet, knit, donut rattles and consuming a very delicious chocolate mudcake cupcake. that's better, isn't it? : )


  1. I remember with my first daughter someone saying to me that the discomfort you feel in the late stages of pregnancy is a way of getting you ready for the lack of sleep once baby arrives! Personally I would have thought it kinder to let us enter a period of absolute perfect sleep, unlimited energy and still able to do up our pants!

  2. Oh poor you - I remember that stage! Wheat packs were my friend, yoga was great - really great to stretch out those sore bits, and I also got into reflexology which was fantastic and was a huge relief to feeling all squashed up!

    Yay to ticking things off your to-do list.

    Your cushion looks fantastic, really beautiful.

  3. Anonymous1:57 pm

    oh my goodness, again, i think i could have written the first paragraph myself!

    it is so much like what i am experiencing at this very moment in my pregnancy! so, know this: you're totally not alone!

    only a couple more months to go. i don't know about you, but to me the fact that i'm facing two more months simultaneously feels like an utter eternity and not enough time at all to get it (all the preparations, etc.) all done before le bebe's arrival! :P

  4. Thanks Leslie. I hope you're able to get some sleep soon! The cushion is just lovely!

  5. Well, in spite of ll your aches and pains, you've made a beautiful cushion. I feel restful just looking at it.

  6. The cushion is lovely - very clever.

    Regarding the interrupted sleeps - it may not necessarily get worse or continue for the rest of the pregnancy. The baby will probably shift position and take pressure off your bladder and you'll get better sleep.

    I had a similar nights sleep last night - but it wasn't from something as wonderful as pregnancy. My jetlagged husband kept tossing and turning and woke me up as many times as you described. I think it will be early to bed after vegetating in front of Desperate Housewives with some hand sewing tonight.

    I hope you get a better night's sleep tonight.

  7. oh i can't stand getting out of bed to wee. not that i wee in bed... anyways i hope things become more comfortable.

  8. not long to go, hope you manage to catch up on some sleep tonight!
    the cushion is lovely, beautiful colours and gorgeous design!

  9. Anonymous10:42 pm

    Even though you may be experiencing sleep deprevation you are still making the most gorgeous pieces :) Such a beautiful arrangement of colours on that cushion. Pure genius!

  10. Anonymous7:54 am

    Late pregnancy is just plain hard work. But it does make you friends with sleep deprivation.Been my best friend for almost five years now.
    I've never heard of magnolia square market. Sounds fantastic!

  11. Girl, I feel your pain. I have no bladder control at all anymore and my back is constantly aching! And you're farther along than I am, so the light at the end of your tunnel is closer. And don't even get me started on the swollen's summertime here and pregnancy + humidity do not mix!

  12. Anonymous9:23 am

    Third trimester. Hmmm yup. Don't miss that discomfort AT ALL!!!!! It's all worth it in the long run but I found pregnancy a hard slog!

    I hope these last 8 weeks fly for you and that you don't get any more uncomfy :-)

    You're being so super productive, the cushion looks gorgeous!

  13. Lovely colours, I'm loving grey/blue at the moment. HOpe your feeling less tired today. Maybe ice-cream and a midday movie may help.

  14. Oh Leslie - I love this cushion cover. I am not sure what to say about being pregnant the last 8 weeks. Um, yes, it does get a bit uncomfortable depending on which way the baby decides to be. But sometime they turn and you feel better. Maybe she's on something. Just put those feet up when you can!


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