Friday 2 May 2008

::onegirl gathers may sale::

onegirl gathers may sale

i've marked down heaps o' goodies in my vintage shop in preparation for the closing of the shop at the end of june. it's been such fun and i still love the hunt but the listing, washing, photographing is just too time consuming to keep up, especially once the baby arrives. thank you so much to everyone who has found a little treasure for themselves there over the past few months, it really does make me happy to see things make it to their rightful, appreciative homes : )

i still have quite a bit of stuff squirreled away and, especially in my current nesting mode, would love to see it cleared out as well so there may be a sale update in june but i'm not making any promises. most likely it'll all just get packed away for some mythical, tiny but full of amazing things shop i open in my future dreams...

look out for a onegirl handmade sale later this month, as well. i've already marked down a few cushion covers and windsees as there are just toooooo many of them flying around the shop at the moment but i have some older works to clear out, totebags and card wallets and the like. soon, soon!


  1. Closing your shop eh? I wonder whether you might consider selling me your shop banner (minus text)! I am looking for one for my (not yet up and running) etsy shop which is going to sell quilts and cushions and whilst I was looking around for ispiration I stumbled across yours and was struck by how amazing it is. (Apologies if this is an inappropriate question!)

  2. Anonymous12:12 pm

    i'm so glad i snapped up the grey mohair. i can't wait to get my hands on it and get to work!


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