Sunday 18 May 2008

as promised...

couch quilt

i managed to keep baxy off it and sunshine on it long enough to grab a few snaps of the new couch quilt! i love it but i don't know what to say about it... it's got patchwork squares with a sort of square spiral quilting (for the center of each patchwork block, i used a square cut from my rather large collection of embroidered hankies so there are lovely enbroidered bits throughout) and amy butler chrysthanthemum squares with straight lines of quilting and then natural cotton/linen squares that i left plain. the backing is a lovely light yellow striped cotton that i picked up at ikea 10 years ago (!!) and i made the binding using a simple lecien print. i did some wide quilted stripes around the outside that got away from me a bit towards the end - makes me so happy that you can just throw a finished quilt into a hot wash and when it comes out of the dryer, all mistakes seem to be forgiven in wrinkly, cozy goodness. i had the pleasure of spending yesterday afternoon perusing craft books and stuffing myself with baked treats with jo and she proclaimed the couch quilt "felt like it was 50 years old", which to me seems just perfect : )

quilting details


  1. Anonymous11:48 pm

    I love it! Did you quilt the squares before sewing them together? and did you use batting at all... I haven't made a quilt since my daughter was born and am completely inspired by yours :0)

    How's that belly doing by the way? So exciting!

  2. Anonymous4:48 am

    Leslie! It turned out beautifully! The quilting on the color-squares is outstanding. It must require so much patience.

    I've only made one quilt....and I sent it away for the quilting (I think this is a big No-No in Quilter Land), I don't think I could do it myself. This is so inspiring!

  3. gorgeous photos, you've captured it beautifully... one question though, Where did you find a ray of sunshine? ;) I love that you can really see the detail in the bottom photo...

    Thanks for yesterday, I had so much FUN - all tucked away, it felt like I was in another world - so, so good.

  4. Anonymous1:45 pm

    This is beautiful.

    The colours you have chosen are lovely, so different from my usual colour choices, perhaps I will have to try some new combinations.

  5. what a beautiful looks so cozy and comfortable!

  6. thanks, folks!

    shael, i sewed all of the top pieces together, then sandwiched some cotton batting between the top and back before quilting it all up. the cotton batting shrinks up in the most lovely way to create the wrinkly goodness!

  7. Oh joy! What a super sweet looking quilt! How do you do your quilting? Once you have pieced together the whole quilt or do you quilt pieces and then sew those pieces together? Just wondering...

  8. OMG your quilting is gorgeous!! The baby quilt is so fine - lucky little person on the recieving end :) You have inspired me to maybe soon give it a go..I too have been deliberating the quilting for quite some time.


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