Wednesday 2 April 2008

easy sewing

oops, day two and i almost missed posting already! not too worry, i'll get back into the habit - i just had a very busy day of an appointment at the royal woman's hospital (all good), lots of work to catch up on, crazy weather and then goodbye drinks (water for me, woo hoo!) for a good friend who is moving to london. *bye bye lou, you will be missed*

baby blankies

i've been cramming in heaps of sewing in the evenings the past two weeks after work as the weekends have been filled with family visiting in bendigo and i whipped up these easy baby wraps in a couple of hours (should have been quicker, really, but bias binding and i still aren't on the greatest of terms). just simple, soft pieces of thick cotton flannel, one bound with a vintage cotton print and the other backed with a lovely pink cotton print with a bt of vintage lace added. sweet and easy, just what i like.

::thanks for the lovely comments on the beanie yesterday - it's a really easy pattern that i just made up as i went but i'll write it out this weekend if anyone wants to give it a try::


  1. hmmmmm, now where did my comment go on the last post?!?! Blogger must have been hungry...

    Your wraps look fabbo, I think that you and little miss bias are going to be great friends soon :)

    Loving the beanie too, and it made my day to read that you are going to be posting more. It's great catching up xox

  2. Those are beautiful, Leslie!

  3. Anonymous11:55 am

    Hi Leslie!

    I've been reading your blog for a couple of months but have never actually commented! Just wanted to drop round and say hi - i LOVE your blog, your beautiful pictures and gorgeous creations (especially those windsees!)

    Good luck on your 'marathon blog post' - i'll be popping round to read!

    Kt :D

  4. Your baby wraps are beautiful - I really love the vintage fabric you used. They look so soft and cozy. Lisa


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