Monday 28 April 2008


hormones, coupled with an eternally messy house due to endless renovations, tripled with daily (hourly) disappointments and frustrations at work, quadrupled with my list of sewing projects getting endlessly longer instead of shorter and my guilt/disappointment with myself for not blogging and my inability to take a decent photograph these days and my dog, despite being cute as a button, still having an aggravating, startling and ear piercing bark, has made me quite the irritable, grumpy sort these days. i'm just trying to lay low and get stuff done but there's. just. so. much.

even having a long weekend didn't make much of a dent in the list, although we did pick up a smashing vintage cot (still meets current safety standards) from an ebay seller and i managed to find a lovely, super soft, wool/cashmere felt on special for $20/meter at spotlight on saturday. i feel like i was so busy and yet, that's really all i can think of to say i got accomplished?


okay, so i also cooked a great, hearty stew; baked my second loaf of bread using the sunbeam breadmaker i picked up at the op shop for $10 a couple of weeks ago (a dark german grain bread from a mix i bought as there was no instruction manual included and i didn't really know what i was doing but delicious, all the same); cut out and sewed 48 quilted little bits for a secret project that is killing me not to document and i won't be able to share until DECEMBER when it goes to print; bought some cozy, new flannel sheets and slippers to deal with this early cold snap we're having; sorted through two very large picnic baskets of scraps and organised them in reused plastic bags based on size/usefulness; added some much needed highlights to my hair using one of those loreal kits; and cut out and started sewing faces on four oobees (two for trades and two for the shop, including one out of the forementioned lovely, super soft, wool/cashmere felt). hmm, i feel a bit better. i guess i did get a few things done.

what did you get up to?

::update:: okay so i hit the continuing sale at darn cheap fabrics over lunch and am feeling much better after acquiring another 5 meters of fabric for my stash (eep.) plus i remembered that over the weekend i also cleaned my car, inside and out (no easy task), as we've decided to hang onto it for another year before buying something newer/bigger and i bought, ironed and hung some super sale and perfectly acceptable curtains in our master bedroom after struggling to sew ones that looked even remotely decent. two more things off the list, whew.


  1. Impressive! Sounds like you've been super busy.. Hope the sun is shining strong for you tomorrow. x

  2. I've filled my mum's car boot with op shop stuff including 3 boxes of fabric (to go there, not to come home!) threw out a garbage bag of rubbishy clutter, made two giant tubs of retro fabric and bedding to go on eBay, cleaned half the studio, made a wrist cuff, some earrings, fixed a necklace...oh, and survived on $10 worth of food for 4 days!

    Wow. Thanks for asking that, I thought I'd done nothing! It really does help to write these things down doesn't it? But if it makes you feel better, last week has not kind to alot of us.

  3. wow, like to see what you can do when "grumpy" is not around to "dwarf" your style. can't wait to see what you do when you are happy, dopey, spleepy or at the "doc"!
    certainly inspired me to get up and do something!

  4. Anonymous7:58 am

    my first attempt at a comment just got eaten. what it said is that i can assure you my dog's huge, deep bark is just as shocking irritating. and the photo thing is exactly the same reason i rarely post. our apartment is so dark after about 3 in the afternoon that i can't get a decent photo of anything. you're so lucky to own a house you can renovate though! i am so done with renting. how's the housing market in melbourne? better than vancouver? i would seriously going to move to halifax if it weren't for the weather.

  5. Anonymous7:59 am

    but what i meant to say was shockingLY irritating. oh well!

  6. Actually, you're accomplishing OODLES compared to me! I can't even get off my duff to take a picture of the adorable beanie I knit using your perfect pattern.
    I think we need to redefine what are considered "accomplishments" when 6-7 months pregnant!
    How funny -- we bought a $5 bread machine at our local Salvation Army and it didn't have an instruction manual, either...but we love it. Try looking online, sometimes you can find outdated manuals for old things on an obscure website somewhere.

  7. Anonymous11:08 am

    I'd hate to see when you get 'stuff' done! Can you come to my house next and start on that? I don't even want to move from the couch! Can't wait until I don't do anything like you - heee! Yasmin

  8. Oh i totally know how you're feeling! Those pregnancy hormones can play havock can't they?
    You've got so much done though, don't worry too much about the stuff that's still waiting, hard to do i know but try and relax and enjoy your pregnancy.

  9. Trust me, you are achieving LOTS! It is exhausting to read even. Can you be bothered doing aversion therapy (?) for Baxter- you know when he barks you make a horrible noise (like rattle stones in a can ) or squirt him with a water squirter?

  10. I have a sunbeam breadmaker which I got for $10 also (from Cash Converters) and it is great. You can do pasta dough in it. Just be careful as mine sometimes cooks the dough. Even though it is on the pasta setting it seems to warm it up and that doesn't do anything good for the dough! I dont' cook my bread in the machine and I got a great load tin from Maxi in Upper Ferntree Gully. It is the NoKneed brand and the best tin I've seen that isn't too $$$.

  11. Hey Leslie,

    Just wanted to let you know that I tagged you..!

    See details on my blog.


  12. Anonymous3:27 pm

    I didn't get much done at all this weekend. barely managed to BUY bread. Mostly I just toddled after a little girl who screams bloody murder if i am not hunched over holding her tiny hands so she can "walk" everywhere she wants to go. she generally screams bloody murder over everything these days.... walking, not walking, teething, eating, sleeping, poopy diaper changing... it's all bad. but, i can always get a laugh out of her by putting a hat on. yup. that's the funniest thing ever. mama in a hat. or sunglasses... now THAT'S funny. bless her beautiful, screaming little heart.

  13. hello, i was just wondering if you knew about Melbourne's collaborative op shopping blog 'I op therefore I am'

    there are links there to maps and addresses of melbourne's op shops. let me know if you are interested in joining .

    regards, Amelia

  14. If you google the brand of bread machine + instruction manual you should find something that you can use. Nothing tastier than fresh hot bread with butter and homemade jam!

  15. welcome to my world leslie! I'm a grumpy bum most of the week. Kids and dogs as much as I love them make me feel this way.


    I can only say this because we have one too, Well he is mostly dachsie.

    Try a water pistol for unwanted barking. I have two in very handy spots. Everytime he barks I say "enough" and squirt him right in the face. If he ignores me he gets another squirt. It truly works. He is about to turn 8 and he has been a very bad territorial barky all his life.

    Extra hint I add a little lavender oil to the water and it make my house smell lovely.

    Oh and reward him for good barking, but when you want him to stop and he does don't reward him for stopping, he'll think he is getting rewarded for the bark, not the stop!

    good luck, your body is doing an amazing thing. Embrace it through all it's grumpiness! :)


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