Saturday 5 April 2008

creatively challenged


it's been a full on week, with many crappy nights sleep thrown in to the mix, and i was so looking forward to spending time this weekend tackling a few of the large projects that have been hanging over my head for months - a complicated (mostly in size) pattern that's due to a craft magazine in june, a quilted throw for our couch before the weather gets too chilly, some comfy around the house pants in the lovely sweat material i picked up at darn cheap, curtains for our bedroom and the baby's room... i planned on getting at least one of these knocked off the list today and instead just faffed around with each of them in turn - couldn't decide on fabric choices to test the pattern for the magazine, couldn't be bothered ironing the fabric for the quilt, pulled out the sweat pant/pj pant pattern, cleaned off my table to cut it out and then couldn't find my tracing paper... sigh. somedays everything is just a bit too hard and this was one of them. in the end i got one curtain panel of the two needed for our bedroom done and i'm not even too happy with the way this turned out - i'm using a cotton/linen blend and it's possibly the most wrinkle attracting fabric known to man.

shane and i are kelpie sitting tonight and, after a big lap of the dog park and a stop at the video shop for casino royale, i think i need to spend some time mindlessly cutting out oobees so i can feel like i accomplished something today...


  1. Geez - is that a crap day for you? That's how I work all the time!

    No, seriously - don't worry too much - sometimes the flow just isn't there.... most of the time I tell myself that even if I managed to make something in that frame of mind, it wouldn't work properly anyway.
    Faffing about is like a natural process of Waiting For The Right Time. Tomorrow you'll wake up and get all of it done in five minutes.

    Plus, pregnant ladies get a get out of jail free card anyways!

    Leah xxx

  2. I totally know that kind of day! will most probably get a rush of productivity in your 3rd trimester. Most women use it on cleaning (nesting), i used mine to make stuff! Bugger the cleaning!

  3. Wow! If i was at your house I'd just be staring at that delicious fabric cupboard all day...check out those prints!
    ...not to mention that wonderful little pile of oobees. Gorgeous!

  4. Wow, you have got some great fabric cupboard. The Japanese print in your article is lovely.


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