Tuesday 8 April 2008

baby decorating

hmm, pregnancy brain and daily blogging don't seem to go hand-in-hand but i shall persevere and post when i actually remember. everything just seems so busy lately, my brain is running a mile a minute trying to keep up so it's not surprising that some things get missed - i just try to keep telling myself that everything will get done in due time. yesterday i had a photo shoot (art directing, not modeling) in brighton and so was able to make a quick jaunt over to bentleigh for an amitie fabric fix (they're having a big sale this weekend, by the way, which i just discovered by bringing up their site. might have to make another trip over...). i was on the look out for something to tie my nursery colour scheme together, more specifically for the playmat i'm designing which will magically tie the nursery colour scheme together and i found just the thing.

nursery inspiration

this japanese canvas from kokka is perfect, just perfect. i want the main colour of the room to be turquoise, in varying shades, with white walls, lots of linen and blonde pine furniture but with small accents of bright colours. now i have a meter of this fabric to play with, turquoise and white striped fabric for the curtains, a sweet 50s melmac mug in a pale turquoise and the following oobee that i made from a gorgeous pure wool felt as my starting points... there is a lot of shopping (and making) to be done, my friends.

baby's first oobee


  1. i have been trying to post once daily too but have really failed miserably he past few days. i am too sick!

    that oobie and that kokka fabric... i love them. i can't wait to see photos of the baby's room!

  2. looks gorgeous so far, looking forward to seeing the room evolve!

  3. Anonymous7:56 pm

    oh, happy shopping and making! i am looking forward to seeing everything!

  4. Oh I love that fabric and its so funny as I just ordered it for my store but now I have to wait :( for it to arrive...Its gorgeous and feels so lovely and light

    love the bargain dress too by the way, we don't have a savers over this way so I think I better get cracking and find one


  5. I too have that fabric(Its so pretty I don't want to cut it!!) and the oobee is just the perfect combinations of colors and textures. I agree with the others about how exiting I am to see the baby's room grand finale.

  6. Turquoise is the best, and I love that oobee!


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