Friday 14 March 2008

too hot. no title ideas.

oh melbourne weather, why do you toy with me so? 40ºC today, 38º yesterday, a range of 30s predicted for the next SIX days. i feel like crying. or swearing, which was my actual response when checking the forecast last night. repeatedly. i actually have a bit of a headcold, too and desperately want to be at home, in bed, where i was all day yesterday (with the fan on) but the lure of office air conditioning prompted me to come in today instead of sweating it up at home. the unfairness of it all!

let's mover on to prettier and happier things:

baby beanie

i finished my first baby project a couple of weeks ago, a wee beanie in the softest of egyptian cotton. it was so sweet and easy to make that i've got another one in a lovely turquoise colour on the needles now (although i knit this one on 2 needles and just sewed it up, the current one is on four needles and is going a bit slower as i need to look at what i'm doing constantly). i still have so many projects swimming in my head but with houseguests and raging heat predicted for most of march, i think it will be after easter before i really tackle anything. to make the temptation and longing worse, i popped into darn cheap fabrics in newport the other day after seeing huge "50% off , closing down, relocation sale" signs marked on their windows and picked up this pile of loveliness for ridiculous prices:

baby fabrics

from top: peachy pink cotton knit for baby clothes, a lovely cream light cotton knit for future summer time baby items, gorgeous soft pink moda dots in an oilcloth like coated cotton (i'm thinking maybe bib backings? i don't know, it was just too nice and too cheap to not leave with me), and then three shades of lovely cotton sweatshirt type material, the nice kind with loops on the reverse side, not fleece (these will be for baby kimonos, baby pants and maybe a pair of loungey pants for me). just more projects to add to the list! i don't know how long the relocation sale at darn cheap is going to be on for but i highly recommend getting over there and creating your own pile of sweet fabrics : )


  1. that sweet knitting creation is the prettiest little thing i've ever seen. i can't wait to see the babe that goes with it!
    love, lindsay

  2. When are Darn Cheap closing down? I'd better get my skates on and go bargain shopping!
    I love that little cute!

  3. hi, you've been tagged, details are on my blog. just ignore if it's a hassle or if the heat down there is too unbearable!! Cute beanie by the way, i love egyptian cotton!

  4. I've just got over that monster head cold that's doing the rounds you have my sympathy. Get yourself some Guardian Nasal Spray it worked really well for me,so did their Cough Mixture.
    Thanks for the heads up about Darn Cheap I hope they aren't moving very far.

  5. Hi:
    Just to let you know that lotte the oobee arrived and as expected is was just perfect. i am really trying to wait until easter to give it to my daughter. i know what hot is me leaving in an carribbean island so lets hope for better days for you so you keep making beautifuls things (like that tiny hat, so pretty!!!) for the little one.
    Love, monica


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