Friday 7 December 2007

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okay, i've been tagged by a few people now, most recently by ms. sisal factory and ms. red dog and jude, to join the "five things about me" meme and since i have been too busy working, sleeping and creating custom oobees to blog lately, this might be a good segue back into regular blogging (although hopefully with not as many run-on sentences as just displayed here).

1:: i have a strong disliking for moths. i don't mind most insects, even the giant spiders we have here in australia, but big, furry, fat-bodied, powdery moths that fly into (or could potentially fly into) my head, hair or neck really make my skin crawl.

2:: every year i pick a sunday before christmas to do my official holiday baking, where martha's chewy chocolate gingerbread cookies are ALWAYS on the roster. this year it is scheduled for the 16th and i'm so looking forward to it, i'm going to have a little look through my recipe books (see two new ones above) this weekend to see what should accompany the heavenly chewy chocolate gingerbread. any suggestions? i made martha's carrot cake sandwich cookies last year and they were quite well received but i want to try something new.

3:: i have no christmas presents to buy this year except for a $15 secret santa exchange for work. i don't mean that i have no more present to buy, i mean really no presents at all. shane and i don't usually exchange gifts as we buy ourselves stuff all year long, my family has all agreed that shipping is crazy and we'll just enjoy great dinners together when we see each other next, shane's family lives all over australia and we've agreed to just buy one big present (cable tv subscription) for their dad (my father-in-law), and i don't really get into the gifts with friends exchange at christmas. it may sound scrougey but i'm really enjoying not spending money on things that i worry people won't like/need/use/want.

4:: i'm feeling a bit defeated by my yard at the moment - although quite green, the lawn is mostly weeds, which also seem to be taking over every spare centimeter of bare earth. the edibles i have planted (heirloom tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, carrots, perpetual spinach, red onion, leeks, spring onion, jalapeno peppers, dill, parsley, oregano, thyme, strawberries, apple tree and passionfruit) are doing quite well but my many rosebushes seem to have a variety of issues and the whole yard as a landscape project is too huge to contemplate.

5:: hmmmm, i have nothing for this number 5. my mind is blank. how about the fact that growing up i was possibly the pickiest eater on the planet. i wouldn't eat any vegetables except corn and raw peas (and maybe raw carrots, my grandma had a pretty tasty garden in those days). i somehow recall not even eating pizza unless i scraped all topping off and could just eat the soggy bread/crust - even the cheese wasn't acceptable. i slowly grew out of most of my eating bratiness, which i suspect was a bit of a power struggle thing anyway, but still didn't really get into vegetables until my mid-twenties. it's such a contrast to how i ate growing up that my mom still has to ask if she needs to make me a separate bit of potato salad without green onions in it so that i'll actually eat it - nope, not anymore, mom, i looooove green onions now. sorry for being such a pain in the ass all those years : )

as usual, i'm not going to tag anyone but i love learning all these little bits about people so let me know if you take it up, my inner voyeur must know!


  1. I see we have the same taste in books!!!

  2. So glad to see that there is someone else in blogland that isn't going bananas over christmas.....

    I feel like such a scrooge - no tree, no garlands, no perky reindeers all in a row - just lunch with my family, a few homemade gifts for the neices and nephews, followed by too much cake and booze and an afternoon nap.....

    I sympathise with the yard dillema, too - I think all I need is a grotty old rusted out car for my garden vision to become complete!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Leah xxx

  3. Ooooo - enjoy the books. Apples For Jam is one of my favourites and I'm buying my family Animal Vegetable Miracle for pressies - I found it inspiring.

  4. You have been kissed.

  5. We are the same way about presents! We're so laid back about it, it's crazy.

    And the books -- wow! I've been wanting that cookbook for awhile -- let me know if you like it!

  6. I don't have to buy any presents this year either and it is wonderful! The only thing I miss about it is getting to wrap the presents all up pretty... Other than that, it is so nice not to have to buy things that I am not sure others will like/want...

  7. Thanks for responding to my tag. I just love reading little bits about others! I envy the no presents thing but with little nieces and nephews I guess it's all part of the fun.
    I can also relate to the food fussiness. I was never quite as bad as you, but when I left home and went to Uni, 3 years of living on weetbix and toast cured me completely - and I now eat anything!
    Can't wait to see what you bake. I must confess that I have not progressed much from the toast and weetbix!

  8. Yay.. another person who absolutely dislikes moths...they freak me out and over the last couple of months they seem to come in with the washing. If I hang one load of washing outside, there are at least 5 moths in the clothes.

    And I totally agree on the christmas buying hype. We're not doing it either. We bought Marcel's parents some gourmet stuff they can eat and my parents an Ashley G print...shipping anything else is too expensive :( Have a lovely festive season..and I hope to meet you in the new year ;)

  9. I don't like buying for Christmas either, but...well, now I have to with children. But they get a couple gifts a piece and they'll be happy. I know you'll enjoy apples for Jam. Books are the best.

  10. I LOVE Apples for JAM!

  11. Hey I HAVE A Couple of those books too! NIce picture of them :)

    Jen Ramos
    'Earth Friendly DESIGNER Cards'

  12. I am thrilled to see the Kingsolvers in the pile. She has a marvellous website. Check it out. I am off to the library. There are some books awaiting me. I hope one is Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. Have you read Prodigal Summer?

    Blessings and bliss

  13. I too was tagged but with the "Lucky Seven Meme"...I came across your blog through your Etsy site and skimmed though your latest posts and IMMEDIATELY came across your dislike of Moths!!!

    This was my "#5":
    I'm finding I'm afraid of a lot of things...another being MOTHS! I HATE MOTHS! The way they flutter with no set flight plan leaving you guessing which way you should run! Another childhood story of camping at the Delaware Water Gap before the luxury amenities were added (like indoor plumbing). My mother and I ventured out into the wood to find the closest outhouse before turning in for the night. As we approached an outhouse, it appeared to be darker than usual but at dusk without it being lit, we didn't suspect anything too strange. When we opened the door, to our surprise and theirs, the inside was completely covered with layer upon layer of moths. Unhappy being disturbed, they bombarded us as they tried to flee...flying into our faces and getting stuck in our hair. NOT a happy memory! My skin is crawling just thinking of it!!!!


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