Wednesday 21 November 2007

random blatherings

cutest. doggie. ever.

i was hoping to get up this morning and take a couple of pics of my garden to show and tell but the pounding rain which started up last night was still pelting down and i wasn't about to brave it for some very dark photos. so you get the cuteness of baxy instead! this is pretty much his permanent spot from 6:30pm until we go to bed, on the couch on a lovely faux sheepskin blanket, which he has claimed as his own and i traded one of my leather photo albums for at a trade show in vancouver back in 2005, with his soft bone toy that i made for him (the third in a series - one is under the house somewhere and one he left at the dog sitter's). i've been trying a little water therapy with him lately, namely squirting him with the water bottle when he goes on his crazy barking rampages at anyone walking by (or the neighbour's dogs, or a bird, or a motorbike, or a police siren...). he HATES it but it sure makes him stop quickly and he doesn't seem to associate me with the sudden squirt of water that happens when he barks. it might seem a little mean but the barking can get pretty tedious and, although small, he's LOUD and has a very deep bark and can go on and on and on.

things are busy for me lately and i'm starting to really look forward to the christmas break. i've moved my onegirl shop update up from december 1st to this sunday, november 25th so i can then start working on some personal projects (that is, if i can ever stop sewing cushion covers... it's like i'm obsessed. every cool piece of vintage fabric i see i just want to frame it with linen and see it propped up on someone's lovely couch... be prepared for quite a few new cushions popping up in the shop this weekend). i've planned a little field trip for saturday morning to gather some inspiration and possibly materials for my handmade ornament swap and, of course, have managed to route out a series of op shops to discover along the way - can't wait!


  1. it seems like the thrifting is way better in australia than in vancouver. and i've been told that vancouver has some of the best thrifting in all of canada, so that's saying something. does the grass just look greener from the other side?

    i'm going to try squirting my dog when she barks and will let you know how that goes.

  2. i definitely think the thrifting is better here, especially in the small country towns and around the area where i live. i was never able to have much success in vancouver, mostly because i think there aren't as many thrift shops, as people just dump stuff in the alleys, and also because there are so many people with great taste for so few shops. i bet some of the small towns throughout BC would have gold though...

  3. You seem to have the right idea with the squirting of the dog.Tried to post you a URL on the subject but it seems URL's are not allowed.
    Google will no doubt throw up dozens.

    Hope it works barking can ruin a good doggy relationship.

  4. it's true that the thrift shops in the sticks are the best. that said, the ones in the lower east side often have good things because it's such an avoided neighbourhood. i'll bet that the ones in victoria aren't bad, what with all the old people downsizing or dying and all that. hm... roadtrip.

  5. Baxy looks so comfortable. feel like adopting me too?

  6. Anonymous10:03 pm

    Your Baxy is divine. I met a little dachshund at the Botanic Gardens Market called Bangers - such a great name for a sausage dog. He was equally cute. It seems I have a thing for dogs with short legs (we have corgis).

  7. oh my god! was bangers a black and tan? with a cute blonde girl for an owner? baxter had a great little mate called bangers when we lived across form the dog park in prahran - it was soooo cute to seee them playing together.

  8. Baxy is gorgeous! We do the squirty thing with the bottle too and it works so well.

  9. Hi Leslie,
    I am a reasonably new reader of your blog and am often too shy to leave comments, but I have tagged you for the 5 random things tag if you are up for it! I was curious to see how you would respond, but if it's not your thing then don't worry about it. If you are keen to participate check out the rules at my blog.
    Happy blogging!

  10. Baxy is so cute and photogenic!! I love his soft bone toy. I wanted to sew one for my dogs but they're very destructive with toys. They chew and break them in no time! :-(
    and it drives me nuts!
    I know I haven't posted pics of them lately but I'm hoping I can do it today.
    Sorry to hear Baxy barks so much and glad you can solve it with a squirt of water!


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