Thursday 25 October 2007

home again, home again

kangaroo in action

view one way

and view the other

sandy bay

we saw red dirt and white sand, turquoise water and vast dry scrubland with it's own beauty. we saw emus and wedge tailed eagles, goannas and geckos, bustards and many, many kangaroos. we saw dolphins, whales and sea turtles, too numerous to list schools of tiny fish and groups of huge ones and the most amazing colours and shapes of coral. we drove and talked and thought, swam and fished and snorkelled, watched sunsets and a couple of sunrises, played scrabble on the laptop and worked on house plans in the evenings. all in all, a lovely and relaxing chance to spend time with my best friend.


  1. Anonymous3:43 pm

    ahhhhh! sounds wonderful - but you knew that it would be, didn't you... glad that you're back though, we missed you ;)

  2. so so jealous...
    Am happy you had an amazing & relaxing time..welcome back :)

  3. i am waiting for wikipedia to load up as i type this so i can find out what a bustard is. oh, it's a bird, and a bird with a funnier name than bushtit!

    what a great vacation! i think i'm going to have to start planning our next one right now.

  4. Oh man, that sounds like pure delight! Glad to hear you guys are home safe and sound after a wonderful vacation.

  5. oh glad your back...sounds wonderful! I think I need a real vacation...SOON!

  6. Anonymous12:25 am

    welcome back. a story for you on bustard. my day time job is planning safaris to tanzania. and we have the kori bustard in tanzania [and other parts of africa]. well some of the guides in tanzania with a thick tanzanian accent when they point out the bird, it sounds like they have said kori bastard. :)

  7. wow, leslie. good for you. It all looks and sounds absolutely perfect. Welcome home!

  8. Anonymous1:28 am

    sound simply amazing :) what a wonderful way to spend time together...

  9. oh that sounds absolutely wonderful leslie. thanks for sharing the lovely photos.

  10. Love all the photos, very professional looking too! It must be a wonderful place to live!!!

  11. Sounds like sheer heaven to me. And the photos prove it!

    Glad you enjoyed your time together. :)

  12. Welcome home Leslie.


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