Friday 28 September 2007


bit of a glitch in my 30 days of posting: we're heading to bendigo tonight to spend the weekend with shane's dad who is without internet access so it's going to be pretty hard to post tomorrow! i promise to do a make-up post on sunday, i'm hoping to have some great op shop goodies to share after hitting my long neglected route tomorrow morning (i can't wait!!!!). have a great weekend, wherever you are!


  1. Anonymous8:58 pm

    Have a happy op-shop weekend!x

  2. I had my op shop fix this Friday afternoon at the PWP Op shop in UFTG. Picked up a cute little glass jug, a glass jar with seal and clamp, a make-up bag and a toiletries bag - all for $3. This week, I have been refurbishing last weekend's hard rubbish finds - a cane lounge (I've painted it white and made a pretty seat pad), a bedside table, a little cane cabinet, and some little boxes which sprung to life with a coat of paint and fleur de lis stencil. Now, perhaps to-morrow, while everyone in Melbourne is grand finalling, I might sneak around the hard rubbish again. Hope you come back with marvellous treasures.

    Blessings and bliss

  3. I hope you have a lovely weekend. Look forward to sharing your treasures.

  4. Anonymous11:04 am

    Why not pop into the library? There's also a 'cyber-cafe' but the guy who owns it is a bit of an A-hole so I personally wouldn't give him my money!

  5. Anonymous3:22 pm

    Hi Leslie
    i spent a great weekend in Bendigo not long ago and had a fantastic time at the church thrift store just off view street - check out the retro rack behind the counter - lots of laughs. You may not get this in time though if you have no internet access.
    Also check out Bob Boutique - Williamson St.


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