Wednesday 26 September 2007

etsy love

just a few of my recent favourites from etsy, you can tell i've been on the hunt for the perfect necklace and have also been perusing vintage fabric... there are sooooo many lovely things, it's impossible to choose so i just keep building up my favourites, paralyzed by choice.


  1. Oh yum!! You've got some lovely things earmarked here! Isn't Etsy just amazing?! I admit, my favorites pages have ballooned quite a bit lately; in anticipation of the upcoming holidays and whatnot (and because like you, I can't make a choice! lol).

  2. oh my...i just ran over to etsy and snatched up that kitchen print fabric! gooood find on that one!

  3. oh that lace ribbon is beautiful, i'm not even start browsing on Etsy, could be there for a few hours.. thanks for your lovely comment on my blog Leslie x

  4. ooohh. so many pretty temptations. ;)

  5. So many lovely things!


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