Sunday 12 August 2007


self portrait

well, hi there! i've been tagged by kirsten to do ye olde eight things meme that just keeps going around and around. (wasn't it seven things? and then five? who makes up these rules?) anyway, it's been awhile so what the hell, here's some random facts about me...

1. i sing a lot. like, pretty much at regular intervals through out the day. and not real songs, just random thoughts or requests or questions that i apply various tunes to, like "emm-a-lee, this stupid layout isn't work-ing!" sung in a bad rock ballad sort of way. yep. luckily, shane sings a lot too and sometimes it's like a jazz hands style musical around our place.

2. when i was 10 i took a cartooning course (as in, how to draw cartoons). i think i wanted to draw archie comics, i was obsessed with the double digests. anyway, turns out i'm not much of a drawer (not a word, i know), despite the fact that i majored in graphic design & ILLUSTRATION. oh well. can't win 'em all.

3. the above self portrait was taken in the gold coast a few weeks ago. i took quite a few as a lovely national magazine contacted me about using some of my blog material for a feature and asked for a pic to go along with it. hmm, haven't actually heard from them since i sent a few portrait options, might have scared them away...

4. i'm a planner. a big planner. a thinker aheaderer. (loving my made up words today). i'm heading to toronto this weekend and have already planned out my snack and viewing options for the plane, what magazines i'm going to buy at the airport, my plans for sunday (yay, sarah and tony and cheese popcorn and beer and vids!) and my required fruit and veggie grocery shopping for sunday evening to prepare for the work week ahead (ie. to keep me from existing off cheese popcorn and beer while i'm there).

5. as abbreviatedly mentioned above, i have a long standing love of video games, even though i don't have a console now. shane and i debated getting various machines for years but with moving back and forth betwen canada and australia, it just wasn't practical. and now we have too many other hobbies to have enough time for vids to justify the cost. but i grew up on hours and hours of bubble bobble and various mario bros adventures, the legend of zelda got me through design school and i became quite skilled at twisted metal, nitrous oxide and mortal kombat in my 20s.

6. also as mentioned in no. 5, i love cheese popcorn. Smartfood white cheddar cheese popcorn, to be exact. when my best buddy, leigh and i lived in vancouver together there was very rarely a night where a large bag of smartfood wasn't open and waiting on the coffee table. if i didn't bring some home, she did. sometimes we both brought a bag home and if both of us counted on the other to pick it up and both came home empty handed, there was always 7-11 ten meters away. aw, good times, smartfood and buffy on a tuesday night.

7. i recently joined facebook and am so loving catching up with my buddies and family on the other side of the world. it's just as addictive as i was told it would be so if you haven't joined yet, beware!

8. i grew up in edmonton, home of the largest mall in the world. who cares about the amusement park, waterslides, mini golf and olympic sized ice rink - we're talking forever 21, h & m, zara and urban outfitters along with over 700 other shopping delights. i'm spending a week in edmonton following my toronto stay and bringing along an empty suitcase for the spoils, my friends.

okay, i don't normally pass these memes on but emily is being a bit of a smart ass today so tag, you're it.


  1. Hey, I was collecting all those Archie mini and double digests too, when I was a kid...don't know where they went. Anyway, have a good and safe trip!

  2. as you know I've recently joined Facebook, and it is so much better than MySpace. as for video games, I used to love our Commodore 64 with Battle star Galacttica and Ghostbusters and lots of Adventure Games, then I was Completely hooked on Lara Croft on playstation, but now, eh, I've got other things to do(although I have managed to wipe the floor in ten pin bowling on the WII!) And Buffy, well don't get me started - every season on DVD thank you very much!!

  3. You should have told me about your love of Bubble Bobble! I have an emulated version that runs on Macs. You can even play two players on opposite sides of the keyboard! :oP

  4. i was obsessed with drawing cartoons as a teen and made up my own little stories.....i am also a planner but not as big as you, at the airport i will buy whatever looks interesting.....i also sing a fair bit too!

  5. oh and have fun visiting the rels and friends in toronto!!!
    that photo of you is sooo nice!!

  6. gosh, you are adorable. love those bangs. if i could sport bangs, like those i would cut them tonight over my bathroom sink.

    love the part about zara, urban and F21. all my faves. that place would be a major danger zone for me!

  7. Anonymous10:21 am

    Okay, that mall sounds amazing. I have an uncle in Edmonton... think it's time for a visit!

  8. Hope you have a ball while you are away- I was hoping to catch up with you guys this weekend, but maybe another time! Take care and we should speak soon!

  9. Hmmm, i joined Facebook and bored of it after a few weeks.
    I've been to the Mall in Edmonton, we watched the dolphin show!

  10. That mall in Edmonton sounds like a bit too much fun! :)

  11. Am loving your blog! I love your printing on fabric post! (I married a Canadian) *smiles* Have family in Australia, so there you have it....a bit in common with ya! Laurie~

  12. Anonymous4:03 pm

    great meme, leslie! much better than my half-baked attempt... :) love the tshirt in your photo, too!
    [and isn't 'bangs' a funny word for 'fringe'?? i've always thought that!] anyway, you are a total champion to help me out with the finer points of illustrator - thank you and thank you.

  13. Hey Les,
    Oh boy, we are soooo excited to see you this week-end! We'll bring the Smart Food, you bring your vid skillz, yeeehaaah!!! I must say, seeing your bangs makes me miss mine quite a bit - my hair is Capital B-oring!
    See you in a couple of days!

  14. Anonymous6:19 pm

    Pretty lady! ^o^


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