Friday 13 July 2007


thank you all so much, i'm glowing from the comments on my laptop bag! and looking forward to hitting spotlight on sunday for the thread and possibly some new buttons to finish it off. i've been pondering the buttons a bit, thinking i'd like something really special for this case and future cases... i loved spying on uniform studio's experiments with handmade buttons in both wood and polymer clay and i have a few ideas that i want to try out myself with shells (sounds a bit daggy but bear with me until you can see what i'm thinking) and clay. hopefully i'll get a chance to work on my ideas this weekend but i still have a tote to make and 6 cubic meters of crap to sort out on our driveway for hard rubbish collection on monday. whee!

knit matt

i won a great giveaway from super generous samantha last week and the bag o' bounty arrived a few days ago, containing a drool worthy amount of handspun yarn, including a red bit that was the perfect finish for the table mat i knit up with the yarn from faun. loving this, can't wait to artfully arrange a wooden bowl with seedpods and gum nuts on it in my far-off craft room, some distant, renovation-free day.

and lastly, my great buddy emily has just started her own blog to document her love of restaurant hopping in melbourne, new sewing adventure, a boisterous kelpie pup and life in general. i love em to bits and even though i literally sit 50cm from her for 8 hours a day (during which time she often has me cry-laughing) and have heard most of these stories already, i'm really enjoying reading her writing and am quite sure you all will, too.


  1. ooh it looks good - I love red and white, and love even more when someone else enjoys a gift. off now to check out emily's blog - I need some local dining tips.

  2. That table mat looks lovely!

  3. Hey Leslie.. Loving keeping up with your blog...! Look at that squishy laptop bag! I can't find your email address anywhere - so can you email me at - i want to chat to you about a cool little idea some of the blogging gals have - that i think you will like! xx pip

  4. Anonymous9:57 pm

    hey leslie: thanks for coming by! yes, i think you should sign up for mikes nite: super fun!

  5. Hi, im liking your blog a lot, you have really good eye for color! I just wanted to ask that would it be ok if I add you to my link list? :)

  6. neiti, i'd be honoured to be added to your link list and that goes the same to anyone else who wants to link to this here blog : )

  7. Anonymous12:42 am

    i just found your blog. and i am glad. i absolutely love your table mat. love it. makes me want to almost pick up the needles again. and that laptop case is amazing, too. you have great sense.

  8. Anonymous5:20 pm

    So lovely ! And what a great photo...


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